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Weapon(s) of choice?


Recommended Posts

What do you use to kill people with? Also what's the best assault rifle in your opinion. I use the combat lmg most of the time

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Who doesn't use an assault rifle lmao. Only guy that matters in the game.


I like to use the .50 with the white and gold paint. Easily my favorite gun.


But since that sh*t doesn't matter against


A. Assault or Carbine Rifle

B. Assault Shotgun.

C. Marksman Sniper. (I actually prefer the heavy.)


There lies the issue.

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Smooth Longsack

Mostly the heavy,rpg, stickies and combat mg.

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AP for drivebys (not from a kunooba), combat mg for midrange, heavy sniper/marskman for distance, assault shotgun for close range, rpg for people that hide in cover, minigun for when someone uses theirs against me. Proximity mines when i'm being chased.

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Forza Harrd

For that assault rifle class I like the basic Carbine Rifle. It really works for me, but still in assault rifle situations I tend to skip that class and go straight for the Heavy MG. Then I can use 3 round bursts instead of 5 (edit: I think it's the 200 round mag that really seals the deal for me with the Heavy MG).

Edited by Forza Harrd
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The Wandering Hunter

jet cannon

jet missile





Sue me

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Special Carbine silenced


Combat MG at greater distances


Heavy sniper at extreme distances


Minigun for marksman spammers


RPG for jets and anybody I can't hit with bullets


HL for savage and buzzard


Stickies on insurgent front bumper for tank.

Edited by TexasRocks
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Heavy sniper or marksman..... depending on situation

Combat mg

Golf club.....For the newbees it never gets old lol

Insurgent.......Its a weapon more than a vehicle

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I have two weapons of choice, mostly because I'm lazy and hate pressing the Y button so much.




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Combat MG

carbine rifle

assault shotgun

machine pistol

heavy sniper

marksman sniper

grenade launcher

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In all seriousness, the number of people I've either run over or killed with bumper-mounted explosives using this thing is rather high.

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Akuma + AP/C4 for anyone using AR/RPG/GL/HL & minigun, tanks or insurgents. Akuma is my weapon of choice.

Edited by Vicious R1
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Arrows to Athens

Combat LMG. Gotta have the extended magazine size. That, and the AP Pistol with a some HL as well.

Edited by Fearx--
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I've compared all the assault rifle stats. Idk why people are saying the bullpop is better than the advanced. It's not. Unless they see something I dont?

My favorite weapons of choice are

1) advanced rifle

2) combat MG

3) heavy sniper

5) assault shotgun

6) grenade launcher

7) auto auto pistol (forgot name)

7) and a platinum Tommy gun because Silver Shroud from Fallout 4 :)

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Assault shotgun/minigun: Short range

Advanced rifle: Mid-range

Combat mg: Long range

Heavy sniper: Very long range

AP Pistols & Stickybombs: For drivebys

Grenade launchers: When a car is coming fast at me

Minigun: I'll use it to take out insurgent drivers, to shoot up someone's hydra if it's near the ground, and to kill marksman rifle spammers.

Homing Launcher: To take out every aircraft except the hydra.

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My male character:


Combat PDW (my favourite weapon), Bullpup Rifle (used to be the Advanced) and Pistol .50


My female character:


Pistol .50, Machine Pistol and Carbine Rifle.

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Handsome Jack

A hammer, I always liked bashing someones head in. Hatchets are nice too.

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Depends on the job, gotta pick the right tools for it, but my go to weapons are:


A) Carbine Rifle.


B) Assault Shotgun.



And if something requires a little more muscle, The Buzzard.

Edited by IceDree
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