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GTA IV Liberty City vs The Division New York City -> Real NYC


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I am interested in comparing both The Division's New York City map to GTA IV's Liberty City. By that I mean, which game got what right, and which one didn't.

I'll start off by pointing out the stuff that I have noticed.


NOTE: We aren't really talking about graphics here since the two games are from different generations. GTA IV would have to have ICEnhancer included to be comparable on that sense. Also, we aren't comparing the maps based on gameplay. We are talking about how they do at recreating the real NYC.


- GTA IV Recreates a larger portion of NYC.

-Rotterdam Tower looks much more like the Empire State Building than the Empire State Building does in GTA IV.

-Since GTA IV is not an apocalyptic setting, the real life feel, atmosphere, and vibe of NYC is present.

-The Police vehicle livery's in GTA IV represent NYC police vehicles better (Even though they are for Liberty City)

-The map in GTA IV massively scaled down, and is missing quite a few land marks, along with Staten Island.

-The Division's map, even though it recreates a smaller portion of NYC, is more geographically accurate. It is more to scale with the real NYC, and has landmarks which aren't in GTA IV.

-Both GTA IV and The Division are packed with interiors.


So what are your guys thoughts on this? I think both games recreated NYC very well.

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Well for starters, The Division is the most recent representation of NYC and was made by a totally different company.

IV was made in 2008, nearly 8 years ago. Rockstar were not trying to 'create' an exact version of NYC, they were making a parody of it. The humor, the politically incorrectness, the gritty feel and pedestrian vibe.

I think for a game made in 2008 they pretty much nailed it.

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There's This Older Topic you could use.


Anyway, I think Rockstar did a good job creating a Parody of New York City and the immediate New Jersey Region fairly well.

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