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[MP] Bloody Waves

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''Hello, people''.



Leo28 presents to the DYOM community..







History :


During a mission, Marine recruit Nils Washington crashes his boat, colliding on a coast to the north.He's found alive by a local tribe, the Kazur.

After the crash, Nils doesn't seen to remember what happened previously.Integrating Beta Squad, join the protagonist in this brand new mission pack against the Black Sharks, an ancient organisation that haunts the sea and the marines themselves, seeking for riches and technology.



Squads :


Beta Squad : Also known as Metamorph Squad, this team is responsible for the ''dirty work'' of marines.

They have a variety of units and tactics at their disposal, being extremely versatile. Sergeant Hex leads this squad.



Delta Squad : The Delta Squad marines are sneaky and silent, which makes them the perfect stealth team available on Marine's arsenal. Their commander is Sergeant Mike.



Alpha Squad : Covering, supplies, guard duty? You're talking Alpha's language.Known as the Support Squad, without them, no marine would know what comes 100 meters ahead. Sergeant Tyrone leads Alpha's.




Enemies :



Black Sharks : An organisation built in early 90's, was initially only formed by ex-military, engineers and scientist personel.Most of their integrants belong to the Oriental world.Counting with a strong armada, deeper interests will be later revealed during gameplay.







ACT 1 is out ! Other ACT's already being developed. Bloody Waves promises to be my biggest project yet. I expect feedback from DYOM community, and i'd also would like to say that since 2013 when i first joined, this idea was actually always on my mind.I just didn't knew how to properly execute it.



Edited by Leo28

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Nice and original.
I'll play as soon as possible.

Edited by /\rdooZ

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