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Adding Additional Vehicles - Help


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Basically I just created a mod and I want to install it without it having to replace another vehicle. So stand alone vehicle. If anyone with the knowledge please help and reply or pm.

so I edited the oracle xs a put a lightbar on it and it looks great! but I don't want to keep the same name "oracle" I want to change it to "oraclec" "c" for "cop" and I've been testing it and I changed the texture file, and the .yft file to "oraclec" but when I load it the game crashes.

I've been trying to figure it out. the block of code down below is what I used to add the vehicle in the "vehicle.meta" file


And I also renamed the files "oraclec.yft" and "oraclec_hi.yft" and "oraclec.ytd" both texuture and lo and hi model files

My game still crashes though. I got one of my older mods to work sum what but it wasn't dedicated to the police, I would be driving around and AI divers would be driving it. basically the mod that I'm making is a car with a light bar and I want it to be its own vehicle without is taking the main "oracle" vehicle place.

I've look at all of these and still can't figure it out.

a reply would be greatly appreciated!

Edited by jsjosh225
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Patience, curiosity.


By the time you can formulate the question, you are basically halfway there, it's pretty obvious just time consuming.

Yeh, it can be done, f*ck Replace vehicles. We have just recently finished such a conversion, starting out with two vehicles that were previously Replace-only mods.


DL and install some good, working [add-on] mods, then pull them to bits with openiv and study how they are put together, then apply to your situation as you please. Actually, there is a TEK (!) now I remember. It's very basic but it's ok to get you started until you know enough to sort things on your own, repair crashes etc.


ah.. here, don't know about the video, I ignored that and just DL'd the pack, it supplies very basic info to get you started:




Hope that helps and good luck. You need to create &/or mod quite a few files;


content unlocks meta, car variations, carcols, vehicles meta, vehicle layouts, dlc list xml, extratitleupdate meta, and eventually gameconfig xml ... to name a few.


It's easy, just takes time and some crashing here and there while you learn. Comments on forums have helped us out of every crash situation that was not out fault, and so we have included notes in our own mods which we humbly recommend you do, once you are pro and accepting donations or whatever, to help others out and save a few hours searching / reading / crying in the shower etc. > : )

Edited by kayesem
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Kayesem does have a good point. Download and reverse engineer until you understand. Sometimes what I'll do is download a similar vehicle that's an [add-on] and replace the vehicle it comes with just to get a feel of my vehicle before I see a bunch of messed up versions spawning in the street (sh*t happens). Also look through the files regarding other DLC vehicles (created/installed by rockstar) that you know commonly spawn in the streets such as the pigalle and see how the managed to spawn them naturally. Things of that sort. Sometimes figuring this out requires ripping apart several .rpf's just to find one line in a .meta. It's a long process but once you figure it out the first time you'll be pumping cars out like nothing.

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.. Download and reverse engineer until you understand...


Yeh good call. Official R* dlc packs are solid. Not counting the latest one.


Follow the path of our ancestors, breathe from the bag of visions : P

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