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Los Diablos Locos goin' loco in Los Santos


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Hello, fellow gangbangers and criminals! This is the official recruitment thread for Los Diablos Locos! I'll tell you a bit more about the crew in the 'backstory' I have created but for now, I'll tell you just some of the basics and the types of members I am looking for.


I'll recruit almost anybody as long as you are loyal to the Diablos, no crew killing, try to be as active as much as possible(I know our daily lives can sometimes get in the way. I even work when not gaming, and I'm starting a YouTube channel, so I do understand lol.) Follow the simple Diablo rules, and all should be good.


So, like I said, I'll recruit almost anyone, I love meeting new people and trying to make it work. Currently, I'm mostly looking for Xbox One players but even if you're PS4, still put your name down as you might still have a chance. I will be eventually getting a PS4, anyway, and I also hear there's a possibility of cross-platform play. Now, here's some of the specific types of members I am looking for:


-Artist; I'd like someone who is good at logo creating, getting creative with the tools in the Rockstar Logo Editor. I'll be the first to admit I am terrible with it. But I'd love a much better logo for the gang.


-Driver; Someone good behind the wheel, especially for street races or making a quick getaway. This applies to both car and motorcycle drivers. If you're good at both, awesome. If not, I'd love atleast two good drivers. More will just make it even better.


-Weapon Experts; I would love a good number of people good with a gun, for sniping situations or even drive-by situations, or shootouts in general.


Headsets are not required. However, the ability to communicate is something I find very helpful so if you don't have one, I'd love it if you can get one eventually. Or if you have a Kinect, have it turned on when playing.


Now, for a little backstory...


In The Beginning...


Back in the year 2005, a man calling himself the Wolf Man formed a street racing crew in Detroit who called themselves the Diablos(Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition). It started with five friends who had a love for fast cars, motorcycles, and street racing. Over time, the gang would grow to reach 70+ members. They became a danger to the cities of Detroit, Atlanta, and San Diego. When another crew by the name of the Street Disciples stepped up to them, a war had begun. What started as a few simple street races here and there turned into car battles, and even the gangs starting to play 'unfair' during the races, such as the Wolf Man having his crew ambush and destroy a rival Disciple during a one on one highway race.


The Fall Of The Diablos


Eventually, the Diablos ran into some problems. Several members left the crew to join the Disciples, and one of the five founding members betrayed the gang in a street race, and soon, he had moved over to the Disciples. By the end of the war, only 21 members remained. They knew they had no chance. Many of them left the city, and the Wolf Man disbanded the crew and went into hiding. However, in 2006, months after the Diablos and Disciples war had ended, the signature red color that was worn by the Diablos was seen several times during gang shootouts with rival gang members, and even cops(25 To Life). This, however, did not go on for very long. One of the members was believed to be the Wolf Man, but couldn't be properly identified as his face was always hidden by a red bandana.


Going To War


In 2010, the Wolf Man joined the ranks of the S.V.E.R army as their top sniper and medic in a war known as the 'Shadow War'(M.A.G). They battled against two other opposing armies; Valor and Raven. The army was mostly made up of mercenaries, criminals, and psychopaths. After many months, nearly a year, with the S.V.E.R forces, Wolf Man went back to America with a new plan for the future. He changed his looks, changed his name, including his nickname, and became the Dark Wolf. After all that he's done and seen, he shows no mercy.


A New Beginning...


After years of living a normal life and planning, and staying off the radar and out of trouble, it is now 2016... And the Dark Wolf is bringing back the Diablos under a new name. Los Diablos Locos...(Grand Theft Auto 5)




So, a few details about the crew that you need to know.


We don't not have a particular style; dress in suits, gangster style, biker, punk, whichever suits your personal likes.


Colors: Our primary/mandatory color is red, our secondary/optional color is yellow. Black, gray, white, and the different shades are also allowed. Blue is also permitted but ONLY in the form of denim(jeans, jean jackets, etc.)


A few other clothing items that are allowed... The brown leather jackets or brown leather jacket with the yellow stripe, various shades of camo.


Whatever outfit you wear, just keep in mind that red is mandatory! :)


Vehicles also don't matter, but try to keep atleast a few vehicles in the gang colors.


That's all I have for now!


Here's a link to my crew page:




To join, just request an invite and I'll have a look at your page, but if you send me a message, or post a message in here telling me about yourself and your Social Club name and gamertag, you're more likely gonna be accepted! :3


Hope to hear from you all soon!

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Hey, please limit bumps to once a week as per the recruitment rules.




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