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Will We Only Get Lowrider Updates from Now On?


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I hope not; but it seems like we're only getting Lowriders.

What I'd takeover Lowriders.

1. Biker Update

2. Highlife Part II

3. Supercars & Sports Update

4. Pet Update (new SUVs, Animals enter online; allowing you to have a dog or cat as a pet)

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I'll only accept pets if I can keep a live shark in my criminal fortress and feed it people.

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They have literally added several cars that are not Lowriders to Benny's already.


We have gotten several updates between the two Lowrider updates as well that had nothing going to do with lowriders.


We have much more to come to Online, expect many more lowriders and other cars to be added to Benny's. As well as much bigger and different updates.

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Please explain the Valor, Sultan RS and 900R if we are only getting Lowriders from now on..

Also, the E&OC update.


And, what TreFacTor said.

Edited by Fozzie_420
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I'm not sure about all that other sh*t, but common sense kinda dictates there'll be another Tuner update. There's at least a dozen or so Lowriders now and only two wide-body race cars/potentially rally cars, so I doubt we'll see strictly Lowriders.

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I never wanted to rant fkwads. I'm just saying that the last updates we've got are only Lowriders and they are sh!t.


And with it saying Lowriders Coming Soon. It's very unsettling.


I think R* need to bring out a better update than 3 cars every 2 - 3 weeks. Perhaps include a Casino; and some f'kin jobs that allow us to make more money.

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You don't want to rant but you continue to post.....leave.






He's a troll and a piss poor one at that. Usually takes more than one response to sort it out but he went hard early...rookie move.

Edited by TreFacTor
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My topic. I can post if I like.


Take your own advice mate.

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And the point of this thread is... ?


Going by what you have posted so far, these threads should be more your speed, OP.


The Wishlist Thread

[GTAO] The Official Bitch & Moan Topic.

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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