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[SnP] Seeking help with 2 flying Missions [v2]


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Hi everybody,

I'm new here.

I'm from Germany and just a few weeks ago started playing GTA San Andreas for the first time. I have version SA_GER_V201B according to windos explorer (was sold for 6.99 at a local electronics store a while back, definitely genuine). I do like a good story, and this game certainly has one.

So far it has been a great game, and I managed to get close to 54% thanks to some side missions, but now I can't continue, probably because my reactions are too slow as I'm getting too old. I got a lot of advice reading in this and other forums which helped me through a lot of the earlier missions (thanks for all the good advice).

Now I'm stuck at two missions which I must have tried about 50 times each so far, yet unsuccessful:


Mission: Supply lines: The model plane runs out of fuel (if it doesn't blow up, because I get hit by streetcars, buildings or the ground and verious explosions of cars hit by model plane machine gun fire). I seem not to be able to control the damn thing. Model aircraft (and that damn sea plane at the film studio) was what stopped me in Vice city, several years back (that time it was a helicopter meant to be flying inside a building to place bombs as I recall).


Mission: Learning to fly: In circling the airstrip, I only manage to get to the first corona. No way that I manage to do the same test twice land the plane in the following "Circling the airstrip and land" either.


In addition, if it is required to complete "Back to school" for the storyline to unlock missions, this is a third front were I'm lost (in the one after the one where one has to do 5 laps with handbreake turns)


The difficulty of these missions seems a bit unfair to me, especially when considering the piece of cake boat school which I nailed on first attempt (which surprised me)


Meanwhile, I'm willing to settle for a savegame of each mission, also it would mean that probably a lot of the side missions would be lost (and possibly also bike, cycling and driving skills). But I could do those again at the end of the game if I ever get there.

I checked here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/356192-all-pc-game-missions-save-files/

I can download savegames, I put them in the proper directory, I can see the mission name before loading, it seems to load normally, but then the game starts at the airport with the very early introduction from the beginning. I'm not using mods, DVD is in the drive.


Can anyone please help me? If not with a savegame, then maybe with a cheat, if there is one?

I really would like to try my best with the other missions in the game and experience the rest of the story.


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Zero's missions are Not needed for the Story line.

Driving School is not needed for the story line.



You can get help by uploading your latest save game using: http://gtasnp.com/

Copy the link to this forum.


Tips: let the play fly itself, making only taps of the controls when necessary.

Bank for turns, use the rudder only for taxiing.


If necessary steal a plane at the Los Santos airport for (untimed) practice.

If needed, jump the gate house roof to get into the field. The gate opens from the inside if you do not park to close.

Edited by lil weasel
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If Zero's missions are not required, and driving school neither, good news, so no help needed there, just for the Learning to fly.

(Although I did not manage to unlock Wang Auto yet).


I just went to the airstrip, tried a few more times unsuccesfully (until I got a headache from all those fast movements) and now have saved in the tower.

I have uploaded my last savegame here:



Also, I want to sincerely apologize for cheating in advance to all the real gamers out there. I have to honestly admit that I'm not a very skilled player, especially with games where there is a lot of movement and shooting going on like today. I just can't move my fingers quickly enough any more. I guess it comes with age. When I was young, computers for personal use were not even invented yet, so I had no chance to practise early like today's kids.

Notably, the cheats I used in this game were for money, health and guns (especially near the beginning), but not for upping stats. Also, driving around in a tank sometimes is just too tempting for me. Probably would have used less cheats, if I had discovered this forum and the many mission guides and tricks sooner.

(Now I hope I still get help and have not offended everyone). I really like GTA San Andreas, and got a bit addicted now (like I used to be to Blitzkrieg a few years back, although its a totally different genre).

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Mission: Learning to Fly

Link: http://gtasnp.com/2x1sC1

Status: Completed

Completion : 100% (Gold)


The Rustler, Stunt Plane, and Hunter 'copter will spawn at the field.

All Airports and aircraft are available now.

All future fixed wing story missions will require take off flying through one marker and sometimes landing.


Carry On! :^:


"Blitzkrieg" by Avalon Hill? (over 50 years ago... barely remember it.)

You must finish the Driving School and a couple of its missions to get Wang Cars...

Edited by lil weasel
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Thank you so very much for your help with learning to fly, I surely appreciate it.
If I can do anything for you in return, please let me know!
Notably, when I first tried to load the savegame, I faced the same problem that I encountered yesterday, namely the game starting in the very beginning: CJ is standing in the ally and has to cycle home to Grove Street, BUT: Then I solved this loading problem!
I noticed that the savegame downloader can be set to "German 2.0" instead of the default setting, and now it works for me!
Now I can do other missions, but I definitely will come back to the Flying school, just to see if I can get over 70% by myself in some of the other 8 or so sub-missions that are following after the airstrip circling which I failed so often.
I also will try hard with the driving school. I managed 6 or 7 of 12 so far, so I will try for the rest too.

BTW: It was not the 1965 version of Blitzkrieg, I was referring to earlier. I did the Nival Interactive game from the early 2000s incl. all available add-ons and most of the custom built maps and scenarios). I actually was not too bad at that one (probably as it had a built-in setting for slower gameplay).

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You are welcome



The Missions are TIMED: = seconds to pass (Gold)

Keep the throttle key engaged during the flight.

Takeoff = <45 (<30)

Land = <40 (<25)

Circle Airfield = <75 (<60)

Circle and Land = <95 (<80)

Helicopter Takeoff = <60 (<45)

Land Helicopter = <45 (<30)

Destroy Targets = <105 (<80)

Loop the Loop = <27 (<21)

Barrel Roll = <23 (<18)

Parachute onto target = <70 (<55)

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