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[Hong Yi team original MOD]J-31 Gyrfalcon fighter Trailer

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Thanks to all the members of the team Hong Yi. As we know, making MOD (modification for games) is very hard work, also is not plain sailing. We overcame many difficulties to finish the target, we are proud of the success and pride. We hope everyone can support and encourage us in the future. Hong Yi has the confidence to do better delicate mod in face of more challenges. Thank you very much!


Thanks to following members who made contribution to our team:

Yoha (During the time of making mod, Yoha gave us a very big help. All the problems we encountered in the team are solved by Yoha who also independently completed Model optimization and all processes about 3D model, map production and ZM. Yoha also made a tutorial of making MOD with 3DMAX and ZModeler3 for everyone to learn. Welcome to enter "Yoha’s MOD Class in Baidu’s post bar.)


Killmaster (KL is a very good guy in our team as part of the process on ZM is done by him. by him. Thanks to KL’s contribution to our team. I want to say: KL, good boy!)


PLAAF(As a member of our team, PLAAF is very humble and hardworking. He made, remade and optimized some mappings. Thanks goes to PLAAF for his contribution to our team. You are excellent.)


Eloper (Eloper is a very hard-working man in our team who also goes for perfect. Some work of the map making and map optimization was done by him! Thank Eloper for his contribution to our team. Then, I want to say: Eloper, you are super!)


Wesker (Isn’t this a very familiar name? Right, it is from the game Biohazard (also named Resident Evil). Wesker is the sponsor of our team. All of the 3D models were provided by Wesker. Thank him for working for our team!)

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