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here maybe a rediculous question but here goes


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If you had somekind of machine that could copy any two gta3 veheciles from the game in to real life which 2 would you choose.


Mine would be banshee and infernus


what would your two choices be excluding the emergency veheciles and taxis.


in other words only two veheciles of your choice picking from the civilian cars only and before anyone ask bfinjection can be considered civilan street cars as well as worker trucks eg yankee and mule panlant and toyz vans even flatbed and linerunner.

Edited by crashoverride93
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Well, my two are Police Vehicles.


Here goes; Police, and Enforcer.



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Yukuzu Stinger.



ye I said that on purpose

Edited by Jeansowaty


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Arsen Vitiuk

Were it me, I'd go with a Stinger and a BF Injection

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Kuruma and Idaho. Kuruma as a every day car and the Idaho for when I feel like cruising.

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I would think the kuruma would get better gas mileage then the Idaho LOL

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It would be cool to see the Mr Whoopee ice cream truck and the Esperanto in real life.

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Kuruma and Yakuza Stinger.


Lol, GTA III was at a time the Kuruma was well respected.

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