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On again for tonight, 1am pst.


(Monday night-Tuesday Morning







Looking for 2 mature players to help with heist about 12:45-1 am, PST, with my brother and I.


I have done all the heist, most rolls. Level 165.

My brother is level 65, and has done only a few sets up and the final in Pac Standard.


We both have Heavy Utility Vest. We're not the best and we make mistakes, but we don't mess around, and don't quit after first fail.


We do not have a mic, but do listen. (my bro and I will be on phone together)


Looking for decent heist players. If you feel you are still learning or have not done all heist, that is ok.


Please use heavy utility vest.

If you host, please put heist clothing on players saved outfits.



Message me on psn,


include "heist tonight" in friend request.



Thank You

Edited by richard42
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Pay will be 20%. If we play a second heist, I will pay 25% on the second.


Note, I will split MY share with my brother, so even if he get a higher cut, it's from my share, not yours. You will get at least 20%.


This is mostly for my brother whos only played a few random set ups and the pac standard final. He only has a short playable time window that can get shorter by loading issues/ps3 frozen ect.



My plan is to be ready and have 3 of us already in a close friend lobby around 12:45ish am pst, before he goes online. There is a good chance he can be late, there is even a chance he won't be able to play at all. If that is the case, we'll play anyway.... but there might be a period of waiting before we find out.


If more players respond than needed, I will select the first 2 players that are available at that time.


If he can't play, in that case I'll select the next player who is available.



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I might set up a group chat, to help make sure we are all on the same page.


Otherwise, a fe things to note, (I apologize if you already know this, as Most of you do, but just in case...



If we play human labs, We are terrible at getting the emp into labs silently. So unless we get 2 players who know this set up well, we'll skip it. But if we do play:


Who ever fly's the Valkery, stay higher and keep of targets in forward arc. Main Gunner can only shoot targets below & generally in front of helo. Stay up high off the ground and higher than enemy helo.


Tevor heist. Defending trevor, use armor cars. In convoy, gun truck stays near van trucks. Van trucks do not stop. If you don't know of other routes, Drive on wrong way side of freeway. near shoulder. It reduces time of enemys being close. Front van truck only gun, NO EXPlosives! Rear van truck, if gunner is in front, use of explosives ONLY if you really know what you arw doing. Otherwise use ap pistol.

Gunner take time destroying Helos, it will delay of ground enemys coming out. (I think)


NO ONE STOP! STAY CLOSE TOGETHER. GUNNER TRUCK moves in front or behind as needed, but keep an eye on radar for front and back at all times! Most of time, enemies in front pose more danger than enemies in rear. Use heavy ultilty Vest.


**Stay on far left of freeway, going AGAINST TRAFFIC...*** unless someone knows another route. Again, stay together! Meaning gunner truck! If van trucks are far ahead, don't stop, it's up to gunner truck to catch up!




We might start with pacific bank.


Stealing Van: Driving distraction, ignore gps nav. Do not stop at all.


Crowed controll uses RPG,= constant itimadation. no aiming, no firing. Do many hostages get killed or itimadation goes down and alarm goes off early... Just don't chance it. Use RPG, no aimine, no fireing.


Only exception is when new guards come from upstairs. But can easily be taken care off.


1 stays in lobby. STAY. in.lobby.

Do not keep going back and forth in teller area. Keep the itimadation level full (hold RPG).

Other will take tellers and watch for more guards. Demo can go help with new guards. But don't shoot near hostages.


Demo does not touch money, only hacker person take all the money. Less chance of losing any $ in the get away.


When leaving bank, the one with money leaves last, when most police are dead. Don't stop. Let others take turns to watch your 6, and your 12.



Alley short cut:

As you down the alley way, do not go all the way down. about 2/3 down hill, jump wall on right. once over wall, needs (MUST) take slight detour to make sure you hit check point.


Once at bikes, get on, then get off. (unless we blow them up.) I or someone will get armor car from apartment next door.


Better chance at elite challenge if noose is not called. No hostage killing. In get away vehicle, shoot to kill only when trapped or near boat. (otherwise, shoot at tires, or the driver)


Again, those of you who know this, I apologize.



Edited by richard42
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Sorry, last night was canceled. Tonight is not. It's on.


In roughly 2 and half hours.



(btw, Any one good at humane labs, set up sneaking the EMP in?)

Edited by richard42
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