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Neptune Homme

Benefits available from accessing the second island early?

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Lethal Vaccine

It's still worth a try. The Starter Save would probably be 45% if that final Stunt Jump could be done! :D:p

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Neptune Homme

Just done the Pizza Boy missions, I had forgotten how tedious those actually were. I'm thankful the accuracy is forgiving because I'm a notoriously terrible shot when it comes to throwing things. The 150 health bonus is a benefit though, makes the game almost too easy, combined too with the 150 armour stat from vigilante.


I opted for the tank method in the end, nothing against the Hunter but I had forgotten how invincible the tank feels when you're cutting through traffic. There's little more satisfying than tackling a crime convoy head on!

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Lethal Vaccine

That's why I like doing a Starter Save. It CAN make the game easier right from the beginning, but that is why with the added "Perfect/Minimum Stats" and ALL Special Vehicles within the Save, it gives a challenge. Instead of worrying about dying, you worry about "other" things instead.


Yeah? Nice! That's actually neat you brought the Tank back to the East Island. Used a Packer, right? Or...?

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Neptune Homme

Well... yes and no. I managed it on a fresh PS2 save but haven't been able to on my PS4 save. I used a Packer that I found and made a jump from Downtown, near the bridge going to Prawn Island. It took a few attempts, as I had trouble gauging speed and because of the size of the Packer, collision was a bit of a nightmare. I haven't been able to replicate this on PS4 but that's less down to the port itself and more down to sheer luck and some skill.

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