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Problems with my PS4? It gets pretty loud when game disc is in..


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i bought myself a ps4 and today was my first day on it. without inserting a disc, it was nice and quiet. dead silent.

but when i put my first game disc in - god of war 3 remastered (disc was spotless and clean before inserting, i always check my discs before inserting) - i noticed that at first i can hear the blu ray drive reading the disc, followed by a 'wooshing' sound, which i thought was normal as its just the drive trying to read the disc like a pc would. but the wooshing sound doesnt stop. i launch the game and can still hear the woosh. i close the application from the playstation button menu and i just left my ps4 alone for a good 5-10mins, hoping the blu ray drive would shut up because i am not using it, and the woosh carries on! it doesnt stop. why is this? i did some research and one possible reason is that its installing. gow3 is 40gb big, so how long do i have to put up with the wooshing before it goes quiet? is it going to be like this all the time when playing, because its so annoying, even my old slim ps3 is much silence than this! i also read that the feet of the ps4 isnt good and so i placed mine on some small rubber washers so it doesnt vibrate of the wooden surface.

when i opted to switch off my ps4 (15 mins after the wooshing started upon inseting the disc - hopefully i havent interrupted the caching or installing if it is that), only then would it turn dead silent again, and the sound when it stopped definitely sounded like an optical disc drive stopped spinning the disc, then the ps4 light flashed a few times then switched off. i switch it on again with the disc already inside, and the wooshing starts up again!

can anyone please advise if this is normal or, if its 'installing', how long do i have to put up with this deeply annoying noise? or if it seems to be a fault? its distracting and spoils the experience. i never had any noise problems with my slim ps3. call me fussy but its left me abit disheartened.


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My new PS4 makes a vibrating sound when first turned on with a disc inserted....never had this problem with PS3 slim which is an amazing machine.The other thing I can't load many games without having to delete others,my PS3 had many many games and never had an issue,very disappointed...

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The PS4 is just loud. They've sacraficed noise levels for aesthetic design. Inside, it's designed like a proprietary laptop fan. The air-flow is pushed out horizontally, rather than perpendicularly like most case fans.


Every game will always install, so it may be that, but the console will inevitably heat up anyway. If you're playing a game and you go to the XMB menu, it will get even hotter. I suspect this is because the console is handling both the XMB firmware and game simultaneously. When you officially close the game and return to the XMB menu, the console will cool down and return to normal low noise levels.


This design choice is half the reason XB1 looks like an ugly VCR. XB1 was intended to run for long hours as an entertainment hub, so the 120mm fan on top exhausts whisper quiet.


Post this in the PS4 topic next time.

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