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Spawning letter scraps


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Is it possible to use some mod to spawn letter scraps in front of you? I've completed all required missions to make letter scraps appear on my map but I've missed radio news triggering them to appear. So now I'm looking for alternative method to spawn them and complete game/achievement.

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I don't think that it have spawn item feature.






You can teleport / add blips on the map to the following collectables: ....


Teleporting to letter scraps is pointless for me cuz they didn't appear on map at all! Cuz of game bug. I need to spawn them or trigger them to apear on map somehow.




To make them appear on map u have to finish "Repossession" and "Complications" missions and then do the first Strangers & Freaks mission for Tonya called "Pulling Favors" then after some time there should be news report played in radio which apparently I've missed. Replaying these mission doesn't help and I don't feel like playing whole game again :<

Edited by hayneken
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I've just started new game and after second story mission "repossession" I heard radio news report about unsolved mystery and since then I was able to collect letter scraps. Now I have two saves- 3% game completion with letter scraps and 95% without scraps. I was thinking, maybe its possible to marge these two save files somehow or change some value which gonna make scraps apear in 95% save file. Any ideas?

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Edit your savegame by save editor, that will be easier than re-doing whole game.


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Edit your savegame by save editor, that will be easier than re-doing whole game.

But this way I won't get achievements for 100% game completion and collecting scraps. I've already tried this before and after changing scraps ammount collected my game % completion didn't change, I'd have to change it manualy too, but dunno how many % all the scraps would give me. Besides that I don't like cheating much, I'd like to collect them manualy. Maybe there is way to find out which even't I didn't trigger (radio report news) in my main game save by comparing them both. Just have no idea how to do this, I managed to open my save file in Hex editor but nothing more than this.

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