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SkyBox Arrange f*cked up my game, what to do?


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Never download this sh*t.


1) it sucks

2) can't remove it from the game


So I dropped SkyBox.cs, SkyBox2.cs, SkyBox3.cs and SkyBox4.cs into my cleo folder, I am using another timecyc.dat so nothing to bother with there, the same goes for particle.txd which are all included when you download SkyBox, and then the last files, first the gta_int files lee_bdupsmain.txd and bdups_graf.dff. I don't know what they do but they don't seem to be the culprit.


You have to replace graffiti_lan01.txd and graffiti_lan01.dff with the files included, otherwise you have a graffiti tag on the screen following you all the time (yes I tried it before because I forgot to add those).


Now when removing the mod, I deleted the cleo files, replaced img files with my backups and it won't start a new game, right before the prologue it freezes. What's weird is when I use graffiti_lan01.txd and graffiti_lan01.dff from SkyBox it works. But then you'll notice that a part of the SkyBox is still in your game, if I go to LS train station (the one in open air) and rotate my camera in a certain direction, the sky image will change.


I tried with a fresh gta3.img and gta_int.img, but they don't work. I have learned from it and I'm now using modloader but how the hell can I make my game work like normal again?

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You again? You posted the same thing here, and you have some replies already. Please use your old topic.

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