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Insane stunts

Lab Rat

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ok, i read around here and i see "best insane stunt: PERFECT TRIPLE INSANE STUNT"... just wondering, how do you do them?

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for an insane stunt basically all u need to do is get a decent amount of air and land on ur wheels.


double and tripple insane stunts involve flips. 2 for a double 3 for a tripple. u may also be able to get them with rotation, i'm not sure.


a perfect is when u land it perfectly, right on ur wheels .


a good way to get double or tripple insane stunts is to either get the hydroulics on the taxis and go off a jump with using them, or merge with a pcj and do flips off a jump (there are topics on this page that explain how to merge, or u can search). im sure someone will post a more detailed answer, but if not then i hope someone can carify if it is possible to get a double/tripple insane stunt from rotation alone, because i am curious as well.

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Try the High Jump competition, man.


It's a pinned thread at the top of the page..you might get a tripe insane bonus that way, who knows?


I got a double insane from driving off the car park roof --while spinning my car (insanely) :p -- then landing... just takes practice, man, practice.

The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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It'll be the same system as GTA3:

If you manage 3 types of rotation it's a TRIPLE, 2 types and it's a double etc.

Cash is awarded depeding on distance, height and total rotation.  And yes, the pinned topic does have this info.


Topic Closed.

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