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GTA V DLC Concept (Planes/Helicopter customization DLC)


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GTA V DLC Concept

Gta 5 has a open world which we all know about. This DLC concept I have thought of (Not the only one that has thought about it) will make planes/helicopters more better and useful and hopefully have everyone want them!
This DLC will contain new planes, helicopters, and plane/helicopter customs area. Before I get into a list of the planes/helicopters I will explain more about the customs. The location of the customs will be in the airport (where most of the aircrafts are located). The customs will be in the hangar all the way to the left (when you enter through the side) I will provide a graph on where everything will be located on my twitter @truecapdoughnut. In the customs you will be able to design all types of airplanes (I will get into the helicopter part later.) When you customize your plane you will get paintjobs like you would normally get on vehicles. Certain paint jobs like silver, and gold will not be available. To get the gold and silver pain you would have to do objectives while in a air race. To get silver you have to complete 40 out of the 80 objectives and to get gold you would have to complete them all. Back into the customs you will be able to put designs on the plane and customize interior (like the lowriders). You will also be able to customize mechanics like speed and change your look with the plane. To summarize you will be able to customize your plane like the way you would with your car. To have your plane spawn you would have to own a hangar and call the plane customs guy that would be named “Larry”. With the helicopters there will be a outdoor customs so it makes it easier to land. The customs will be a heli-pad. No worry no one will be able to destroy your chopper because once you land it will automatically bring up the customs menu and put you in passive mode. What will also happen is just in case someone is camping and waiting for you to get out the customs you will have a timed passive mode to leave. The passive mode time once you leave the customs will be 40 seconds. The chopper will have the same modifications BUT, the copper will have a special feature. The chopper will have a insurgent like protection. In order for the chopper to be destroyed it will have to take 20 rocket shots. The planes however will also have the same feature but it will not be able to have any designs on it but spray paints. The cost for that would be the same price as a yacht would cost, 1,000,000 gta dollars. What will also be added is Air weapons. You are able to upgrade the weapons but only certain planes/helicopters will be able to have weapons on them. The weapons are rockets and machine guns.
The maximum amount of people in a these customizable planes will be 4. What would also come in this DLC would be Missions. Just like the lowrider mission but instead planes and a different character. Trevor. The DLC missions would to help trevor steal planes/helicopters and bring them back because they have drugs that he needs. The total missions will be 8 and you have to be rank 10 or higher to do them. Doing the missions will unlock the planes and their features. Also in this DLC would be new weapons! These weapons cost will be around 50 to one being 500,000 gta dollars.

  • Wrench- (low damage) 50 GTA dollars must be rank 1 or higher
  • Kilij- (40 damage) (600 GTA dollars) must be rank 30 or higher
  • Barbed wire baseball bat- (20 damage) Free (When mission 4 is completed, if not completed it would be 900 GTA dollars) Must be rank 20 or higher
  • Shovel- (medium damage) 50 Gta dollars must be rank 3 or higher
  • Ruger LCR Double action revolver 459 gat dollars must be rank 19 or higher
  • Flame thrower 500,000 Gta dollars (because it is op) MUST BE RANK 180 TO GET THIS WEAPON
  • M&P15 ORC 2,500 gta dollars must be rank 30 or higher
  • anti-tank mine 3,000 each you can only hold 7 at a time must be rank 50 or higher

Those weapons will be include in the DLC. There will be 6 new planes and 4 new choppers and 1 brand new aircraft (that can’t be customized)
New aircraft:

  • The new aircraft will be a Air Balloon 10,000 gta dollars


  • Gyroplane (customizable and able to place weapons on) 30,000 gta dollars and 500,000 to upgrade
  • UH-72A Lakota (customizable and able to place weapons on) This chopper includes the insurgent type material. 50,000 gta dollars and 500,000 dollars to upgrade
  • Mil Mi-8/17 (customizable and able to place weapons on) This chopper includes the insurgent type material. 30,000 gta dollars 500,000 to upgrade
  • Kaman K-MAX (customizable) 20,000 gta dollars 400,000 to upgrade


  • Republic RC-3 Seabee (customizable and able to place weapons on) This plane includes the insurgent type material. 60,000 gta dollars 500,000 to upgrade
  • Taylor Coot (customizable and able to place weapons on) This plane includes the insurgent type material. 60,000 gta dollars 500,000 to upgrade
  • Alisport Silent 2 (Customizable) 20,000 gta dollars 400,000 to upgrade
  • Evictor EV-55 Outback (customizable) 40,000 gta dollars 500,000 to upgrade
  • Lear 40XR (customizable this is a private jet which is expensive) 900,000 gta dollars 500,000 to upgrade
  • Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (customizable) 99,000 gta dollars 500,000 to upgrade This plane includes the insurgent type material.

(You can only have one weapon on airplanes and two for the helicopters)
That is my plane/helicopter DLC concept! Tell me what you think!!!

Edited by truecaptiandoughnut
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