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Mateus Huebra

To be Continued - Continua

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Mateus Huebra



Have you ever thought how would be a Storyline created with the help of everyone ?! So it was that I thought (Mateus H.), I thought of something that would be a "project" I called To be Continued... in him, each person makes a mission of an MP until everyone have done one mission, to complete it. Type this: If i (Mateus Huebra) THBP and User123 we participate, for example, i make the first and upload, then the THBP make another mission that continues the story and User123 makes the final mission of the story, and there begins another season with another story!

List of interested:
Mateus H.


If you are interested in participating please contact here us here, or at facebook: Click Here!

Profile of the DYOM: Click Here!



Já pensou que louco seria uma Storyline criada com a ajuda de todos?! Então, foi nisso que eu pensei (Mateus H.), pensei em algo que seria um "projeto" que chamei de Continua..., nele, cada pessoa faz uma missão de um MP, até todos ter feito 1 missão, para finalizar ele. Tipo assim: Se eu (Mateus Huebra), Trilogy Games e Mafia Games formos participar, por exemplo, eu faço a primeira, e uploado aki, aí o Trilogy faz outra missão que continua a história e o Mafia faz a missão final da história, e aí começa outra temporada com outra história!

Lista dos participantes da temporada:
Mafia Games
Trilogy Games
Mateus H.

Se estiver interessado em participar entre em contato aki, ou pelo facebook: Clique Aki!

Perfil do DYOM: Clique Aki!

Edited by Mateus Huebra

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PyThOn #TakeItEasy

good idea! can I participate?

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Mateus Huebra

Yeah, sure! :colgate:

Call your friends too!

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sh*t! I could think i participate

My FB Name: Doggo Puu

Edited by WoodmanTheSnake
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Just to let you know, this is nothing new. There were dozens and dozens of group projects made before. I hate to be that skeptic here, but so far almost every-single one of them has failed, even when led by very expierenced designers. I just can't see this succeed.

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