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Writing a book about GTA

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Good afternoon,

My name is Kevin and I'm a dedicated player of GTA 5 for the Playstation 3. I'm currently working on a book based on my adventures in GTA Online, that I started exactly on December 25th of 2013, and I'm asking if is there a way for me to publish it online, so others players who want to initiate GTA Online can learn from my experiences in the game.

The book is set to contain the following:

10 not so big chapters set in chronological order,


I would be extremely thankful if you could help, further give me some advice.

With best regards,

Kevin Lasserre.

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Constant K

Woah, a writer crawls out of the woodwork.

They'd break your pencil in this section and leave you crying.


Luckily there's a writer's section for you, if you're interested.

Edited by Mr.Monk

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...My name is Kevin and I'm addicted to GTA 5.


Edited by /////507

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El Dildo

you shouldn't write a book about GTA.

nobody will read it.


rather, you should write a book about GTA-Forums and you'll never run out of entertaining material.

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Amazon kindle allows for self publishing...if that helps.


This is your best bet, it's a far easier method for self-publishing.


As far as advice goes, there isn't a lot of demand for something like this because most people curious about experiences online either play the game themselves or watch YouTube videos; after all, it's far easier to visualise and it's a hell of a lot more engaging. If you're really into the idea, you have to think about what makes you stand out from everybody else and why people should care about what you get up to whilst playing. It sounds cut-throat but that's how it is with any consumable media - why should I listen to this? Why should I watch that? Customers need an incentive, and because a book takes a fair bit more investment from an audience I say you've a task on your hands.

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See, there's some sort of irony with this because Grand Theft Auto is a crime-simulator, and the main concept of GTA Online is a large city full of criminals. Apart from the gaming aspect, what is stopping you from creating a story centered on criminals within a fictional city you create? I'm sure an original piece would garner more readers as opposed to a book based on your GTA: Online exploits.

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Hello! I am looking for like-minded writers.

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I partially agree with you about the GTA book that nobody will read it.
But to create an interesting blog for gamers, in my opinion, is a very good idea. Their people can talk about different innovations in the world of games, as well as share tips on the passage of those or other games.
I have some experience of writing in the sphere of education.
I collaborated with a company that provided a cheap writing service for students. I have many ideas for creating a blog.

If anyone is interested in this, write to me! 😉

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