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[IV] Colorable vehicle badges

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I recently discovered how to make colorable badges on vehicles. R* did it on the Sabre Turbo, with the colorable "SABRE TURBO" lettering on the lower part of the body. Which is how I discovered how to do it.


First, a few notes before we begin. You'll need a texture you want to make colorable (obviously). I probably don't need to tell you that it has to have a transparency around the letters or design on the texture. And the parts of the letters or design you want to be colorable should be pure white, otherwise the color applied in-game will be off. It can have different colors in it, but the darker those colors are, the less they will change color. Black, for example, won't change color at all. You can use this to an advantage, however. For example, if your texture has letters that fade from white to black, when the color is applied in-game, the letters will fade from light to dark.


As I mentioned before, the Sabre Turbo uses this technique on the "SABRE TURBO" lettering on the lower body. The letters change color with CLR:1, so when the lower body stripe changes color, the lettering remains the same as the rest of the body. This technique is also used on the "SULTAN RS" lettering on the Sultan RS, but it's set up to change color with the body stripe. I'm using the same approach as Sabre Turbo's lettering on a current project. The car has a stripe that wraps around it's tail, and I put the car's name in colorable letters on the sides, right in the middle of the stripe. The stripe uses CLR:2, while the car's name and the rest of the body are CLR:1.


Another thing to note, the material doesn't have to be glossy. For example, if you use this technique for stripes, you could replace the white "vehicle_generic_smallspecmap" texture with a dark gray texture and the result would be a car with glossy paint and matte stripes. Or you could go the opposite way, and make the car have matte paint with glossy stripes.


Finally, this doesn't actually use the badges material. It might work with the badges material, but I haven't tried it. When R* used this technique, they used the vehglass material, and that's how I've been doing it. I also don't know if it works with GIMS or GIMS Evo, because I use Zmod2. But I don't see why it wouldn't work with GIMS. You will need OpenIV, because part of the process requires Openformats, and a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++. Okay, let's get started.




In Zmod2's materials editor, make a copy of a vehglass material. Not a lights(vehglass) material, just vehglass. Rename it as necessary (i like to name materials the same as the texture).


Replace the main texture with your texture, and replace the dirt/mud/reflection texture (usually vehicle_generic_glassdirt) with vehicle_genericmud_car, or whatever you like to use. The remaining two textures are left alone.


Now, right above the "Texture Layers" section, you'll see a blue bar named "Extensions". Click it to expand that section. Once it's open, click on "User-Defined options" (just click the name, you don't have to check the checkbox). Now you'll see three "Options", GTA4:SPECMAP, GTA4:REFL, and GTA4:DIRT. Edit GTA4:REFL from 1.00000 to 0.400. This lowers the reflection of the new badges to a level equal with the main paint materials. If this step isn't taken, the badges will be crazy reflective in-game. You can raise or lower this to your liking. 0.400 is R*'s setting and is also my current preference.


Now just map your badges to the new material and you're done. I know what you're thinking, "But you didn't add a [CLR:x] tag to the end of the material!". No, I didn't. And you don't. Zmod2's export plugin apparently only exports CLR data with the paint, generic, mesh, and tire shaders. So what to do? Easy.


Once you export your vehicle to .wft, import it into an .img using OpenIV, then right click the .wft and export it to .oft (Openformats). Open the .oft with a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++. Scroll down until you see the materials. You'll know them when you see them, it's a group of lines that start with "gta_vehicle_xxxx.sps" followed by a texture name and a lot of numbers. Find the line that has your main texture's name.


Immediately after your texture's name, you'll see "1.00000000;1.00000000;1.00000000". This is the section that controls whether or not the material is colorable, and what color number it uses (CLR:1, CLR:2, CLR:4). To make the material colorable, change the first "1.00000000" to "2.00000000". If you want it to change with CLR:2, change the other two "1.00000000" to "2.00000000".

It should now look like this: "2.00000000;2.00000000;2.00000000".

If you want it to change with CLR:4, it would be: "2.00000000;4.00000000;4.00000000".


Once that's done, save your changes, import the edited .oft into the .img, and you're done. Just make sure your main texture is in the vehicle's .wtd, and go ingame to test it out!

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