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PS4 Chilled Mature Crew - Friendly Lobby Crew


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Introducing the PS4 Chilled Mature Crew




I wanted to find a PS4 crew that I could occasionally use when i just wanted to get away from all the killing, the jets and the abundance of sticky bombs that plague everyday Los Santos life. A crew to set up invite only lobbies that try to emulate the 'Friendly Lobby' feature that Rockstar just won't implement. I couldn't find one, so I decided to set one up.


So imagine a lobby in which you can just cruise around, do your own thing...and if you chance upon another player, you know that violence will NOT ensue!


The idea is you just set this as your active crew whenever you want a bit of peace and quiet, and go back to your regular crew once you've recharged!



  1. Respect your fellow crew-members (in the game and in chat).
  2. No deliberate player killing (without all parties in agreement!)
  3. When you encounter another crew-member, either join in with their activity or just move along.
  4. No hate speech, racism, sexism (or any other -isms!)


I don't care if:

  • You use your mic or not (text chat is fine if you prefer)
  • You speak English or not
  • You don't have this set as your active crew, or only occasionally use it.
  • You are level 1 or level 8,000 - or somewhere in-between!


Know this won't appeal to most people on here, but some people may want an occasional break from the madness.


I'm sorry - there are no fancy graphics, catchy slogans or the like. If you don't like the sound of this idea, then please ignore this post and move along - there are plenty of 'normal' crews to choose from! If however the idea sounds appealing, please join the crew and let's see what happens.


If you have any constructive suggestions, questions or ideas about this then lets hear 'em!



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