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Del Perro Survival has a lot of issues


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Has anyone else not been able to complete the survival because the enemies won't spawn? It's always the cars that don't spawn or they sit outside the map and you get kicked out trying to destroy the car because you need to "return to the survival" and you're considered too far off the map. Why does it do this? It's the only survival that does this (in my experience). It's awfully frustrating and it happened to me about 2 minutes ago and everyone offed themselves because we waited about 5 minutes for the round to end or for an enemy to show up and nothing happened.

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Never leave the survival. Try launching a nade lancher on them if they're at a distance. They eventually either make it to the survival or they die; that's your chance to collect money, snacks, armor, health, and ammo if needed. Maybe use Merryweather Backup Chopper and try to get as close to them as you can without leaving the survival.

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Tails Prower

Usually the cars problem occurs because someone is too far away from the cars for them to start driving into the survival area.


I have never experienced this one myself but then I don't play Del Perro Pier survival that much as too open/intense for me. I would suggest

reporting the problem to Rockstar support with a video of the problem if it happens again, they won't be able to resolve but can at least past it

to the bug fixers at Rockstar to repair.

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Well I left the survival this time because after five minutes something should have happened haha. Thank you both for the suggestions.

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This has happened to me quite a few times. It isn't always enemies in cars in my experience but guys on foot as well that cause the same issue. Much of the time they don't even appear on the radar so you wouldn't be sure in which direction to try and take a potshot with your grenade launcher etc. On other occasions they are close enough to shoot at you so the only way of telling where they are is to wait until they shoot but you can never seem to lock on to them. Sometimes they are actually under the pier. I had tonnes of problems with this map on last gen with people being under the pier resulting in you needing to go out of bounds to kill them and even though it seems a bit better on PS4 there still seems to be a fair few bugs.

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Exactly PondNewt. I've had them under the pier as well. And like I said this last game I played there wasn't even an enemy to kill. Nothing spawned. And we we waited 5-7 minutes hoping the round would just end because the same thing happened the round before.

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Tails Prower

Then I'd suggest video support ticket to Rockstar to alert them on the problem.

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The problem I notice is if another player in this survival has a connection issue it lags forever because all the bullsh*t the connection needs to catch up on, spawned enemies, enemies cars, enemies helicopters, the rides, lights and maybe the features of the ocean + whatever other sh*t that shouldn't be running it only pushes the delays in the survival. I seen players all left (my connection must've been the issue idk) and I'm rolling solo-survival no problem and better survivals to play but I know if you not completed this survival then it's a bitch to complete with these problems occurring.


edit: try not aim in directions, point your camera view in direction of enemies spawn points. Another trick, get your cell phone out > start to text player in survival session > timer runs out > enemies spawn around you.


if that don't work, hold open your weapon wheel and just change the weapons around in the weapon slot you favorite > timer runs out > enemies spawn around you.


the tricks above work for me, I'm online PS4. I'm not sure if they're any help for you or other consoles/PC.

Edited by 5.7
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