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El Dildo

The Dark Tower

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Man, I've read the whole series more times then I can count. Wind Through The Keyhole was great aswell. I don't care how much they change stuff still looks dope standalone from the books.


Getting hyphy

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He liked it?


I won't believe it until I hear it straight from his mouth. Or third hand from someone not involved with the movie.

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Man... here's a review by Robin Furth, and it feels very forced. Mostly just a recap, which bodes poorley. I try to be positive with my franchises, check out the Star Trek thread for proof, but this... jsut doesn't feel good.



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most of the reviews that i've seen are in the 5-6/10 range. its not looking good, i think i will hold off till it comes out on digital/blu ray

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Sounds right. Every King adaptation that he likes, is generally not that great. Maximum Overdrive. The TV miniseries of the Shining. Sleepwalkers (although it's worth a watch for his cameo).


I'll probably wait to see it, as well. I haven't had time to read the books, and I know it's not a direct adaptation, but I'd like to read them first.

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El Dildo

could be worse I suppose.

they had some issues behind the scenes, but generally this is why you don't get your hopes up for adaptions. great books translating to great film is a toss-up at best.

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