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Parking Garages



No this is not yet another thread about whether or not you can save cars in garages other than the ones you own. (I.E. the ones around the state that have opening doors.)


I am asking about the locations of said vehicles (the Turismo R, Zentorno, Coquette Classic, etc). I have already noted a few locations where the Turismo R and/or Zentorno spawn, such as the parking lot in Pillbox Hill west of the vehicle impound and when the Turismo R spawns pulling out of the hotel on the corner of Dorset Drive and Palomino Avenue in Rockford Hills (that of which I have already listed as a location on the Wiki myself), but am wondering of the various locations of where I've found vehicles such as the Coquette Classic in addition to the Zentorno and Turismo R excluding the spots near all the Los Santos Customs. I'm not worried about the Adder at all because I already know where the obtain one and have known for quite some time. I found a garage somewhere either in Vinewood or North of Vinewood (Vinewood Hills) and figured I'd see if the door would open. The door opened and I found either a Turismo R or (what I cannot recall the name to be) what resembles the Cadillac V16 concept. My inquiry is mainly about the "hidden" garage I drove into somewhere and all the others where other "rare" cares spawn. Any ideas? In the mean time, I'll be looking for those parking garages to see if I can find anything interesting. I'll get back to y'all if anything comes up.

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Ah yes, after a long night, locations are as follows:


1. The first floor of the red parking garage in Pillbox Hill, or... the fine line between Pillbox Hill and Little Seoul. The car spawns toward the north side of the first floor.

2. Just northwest of the previous location. I've already added that location to the Turismo R on the Wiki.

3. West Vinewood. The large hotel building that sort of looks like a castle (somewhat). On the south side go up the hill and there is an inlet that leads down an alleyway. The door to the left of the end of the alley should open and, depending on the conditions given at the time, a pre-modified vehicle will spawn there.

4. Just North of the spawnpoint where the Truffade Adder spawns in Rockford Hills (on Eastbourne Way). I've only spotted the Dewbauchee Massacro and Imponte Ruiner spawn here (pre-modified). Will update this if other vehicles spawn here.


There is or was an additional spawn location in the fenced-off parking lot across the street of the Pillbox Hill Ammu-Nation. Vehicles used to spawn there, but I assume with this latest update, although there were no story mode changes or fixes listed in the patch notes, they have removed that location as a spawnpoint as I have yet to spot any "rare" vehicle spawn there after this update as opposed to before when one would almost always spawn there.


Just so y'all know exactly what vehicles may spawn in those three locations, they are all pre-modified upon spawn:

- Grotti Turismo R

- Pegassi Zentorno

- Dinka Jester


Those are the only three I've noted in all my time playing. Efficient spots, especially when you don't feel like paying $500k+ for a car by itself.

Edited by WRXSTiFan

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