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Missing rappelling option from Merryweather helicopters (PC)


Go to solution Solved by DentureDynamite,

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Can anyone tell me what I must be missing (somehow)? I'm thinking this must be a bug or oversight on R*'s part...


When leaving a Merryweather helicopter (Helicopter Pickup) on the PC, there is no rappelling option--just "Jump" and "Set Waypoint" (see bottom right of screenshot below).


It doesn't matter whether I'm in a mission or doing this in freeroam; it's the same; no means of rappelling.




Yet at least

, there are three options that come up (bottom right)--"Rappel (Hold), "Jump", and "Go":



Edited by DentureDynamite
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I don't have the option on PS4, yet I had it on 360. I figured they removed this option during some patch since I went without using MW for some time.

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  • Solution

Update: It's possible to get it to work (see screenshot below), but...here's my explanation of the bug:


(Multiplatform: also PS4) Rappelling from a Merryweather Helicopter Pickup (holding down the R Ctrl key on the PC), is possible, but it's very difficult to get it to appear, even when there's no reason why it shouldn't--after all, the rappel ropes can extend to any surface that the Merryweather pilot typically hovers above where you tell him to stop, including rooftops, etc. The only time you shouldn't get a rappel option is if you stop the pilot at a location above the surface below too far for the rappel ropes (e.g. in the air offside of the Maze bank tower)--at that point, all you should get is the "Jump" option. However(!), it appears the problem is that the system cannot accurately--and consistently--detect the surface distance below the helicopter to determine whether or not it is appropriate to display the rappel option, causing even perfectly acceptable distance hovers above the beach, or in the flat, open area on top of the IAA building area to fail to display it.



Edited by DentureDynamite
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