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double RP and money should be standard payout, IMO.


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Played the double RP and money missions and it was great. It really felt rewarding. I think that the payout you get in double RP and money events should be the standard payout. It was the First time I played missions in a long time and I enjoyed it.

I also feel that heists should pay more as well. Pacific standard heist on hard gives around 300k from a 25% cut which is a little low, IMO.

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It's Rockstar trying to balance the game, make you play for longer. I agree with the double pay being standard though, would make contract missions a better option

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Captain Revenge

I moved up 8 ranks in the last few days, you could grind Trash Talk and do it in 5 minutes and get the same as you would if you took 15 minutes. You get more RP than the numbers they give you at the end of the session too. For instance doing Los Santos Connection solo in the Rhino, i get all approx 70 kills at 50 RP each. To be sure, i took my Global RP number in stats, then after each of my favorite missions I would do the math and check out the results. I plan on going back to do same missions to see what i would normally get. So for LSC I got 10,470 RP and 41K, next highest was 9560RP and 40K on Mixed up with coke. Both solo, 1st in Rhino, 2nd in Buzzard both took Sniper at the beginning, from the Davis Mega Mall then from the Weasel News roof, see how many you can kill without the rest being aware in MUWC.


COD BO3 Double XP weekend is upon us :panic: My GTA5 RP research will have to wait :whistle:


Also my Cop & NOOSE kill count combination finally hit 200,000


I also changed my active crew 3 times, just to get some great pictures




Edited by Captain Revenge
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Yes. It'll keep me out of free roam longer, and the people who only play free roam will remain money hungry.

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I also changed my active crew 3 times, just to get some great pictures




Like anyone is gonna even see your crew emblem!! They probably wont get passed those wheels!!


Tell me again why it was a good idea for R* to give the Kids a YOLOSWAG Rosie version :barf:


OT; I agree the double payouts bring the players cash flow back to where it was at launch, before R* started the endless payout nerfs

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I used to play Gran Turismo 6 only offline till I bought bigger HDD that allowed me to download updates and get online with my PS3. Once online, I could join Seasonal events (races) that are paid much better than races in offline career. I was excited to earn 400.000-1.000.000 per race so easily, compared to some 20-40.000 from offline racing. But soon I bought all cars I wanted, fully tuned them and shortly after that, motivation to play GT6 disappeared. So, yes, it would be fun to earn big cash quickly and buy everything possible but then what? Progress of making RPs and GTA$ is maybe slow and painful but I hope this will keep me playing GTAO longer.

Edited by [email protected]
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Agree. Enjoyed the missions so much more while 2x was in effect.


Hard to say if I'd feel the same if that was to become the new standard payout, but I don't think it's anywhere near an unreasonable amount of money. Especially with the artificial AI difficulty making many missions anything but effortless.

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