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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.

[3|MH] How to add models into multiclump .dff

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Yeah, it is possible

What do you need?

- A hex editor (I use HxD, it have a nice select all option)

- Model in Vice City format (But SA works too)

- And if for 3, your LOD model for ped.

Let's start this!

(This covers the Manhunt, though it is same in gta3)

Launch up HxD, and File-Open, find the modelspc.dff. In this tutorial i will show how to do it on a file from "attic" level (Last Scene". The window should look like this:


Now open your .dff file. (you can just drag'n'drop it :p)

Should look like this, it's ingram from VC.



Now add into the .dff, to do so click anywhere and select "Select all"

Like this:



Hit ctrl+c, and switch to the modelspc.dff. Navigate to the end:



I marked where you should paste it, at the end of dots :).

Now just ctrl+v, click "ok" on the pop-up. Save the file now, check if it imports on any 3d modeler.


Here is our ingram we just added! Be sure to fix the model rotation and position, also don't forget to add bones (MH weapons uses them to make the pick-up rotate, laziness of r*)

Then just do the same again, after you fixed your model.

More info on how to actually use them in-game soon!


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The Hero

Or from the command line:

copy /b clump1.dff+clump2.dff+clump3.dff multiclump.dff
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