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GTA Online Character Crossover


Recommended Posts

If your GTA Online Character were to complete every Contact Mission in one go, and had the ability to recruit one Street-Level Character outside of the GTA Franchise, who would it be?


Street-Level-Any Character from any form of media not possessing any extravagant power set (Goku, Thor, etc.)


Think more of characters like Deathstroke, Grifter, Red Hood, Agent 47, Sam Fisher, The Punisher, etc.


So how about it, who would be your Partner-In-Crime in this crossover scenario? For me, I would choose to work with Solid Snake of the Metal Gear Series.



P.S-For shadowoperative, I'm sure it would be Deadpool. :lol::cool:

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Alf, the puppet. He's a pretty good actor. He was better than everyone on his show. I bet he's an absolute maniac and would murder people in cold blood for the thrill of it.


I heard he's good in the sack, too.

Edited by theNGclan
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Considering my character normally exists outside of the franchise, can I just get a second version of them from some other universe and make them f*ck?

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Solid Snake from MGS, obviously! He's a badass.


Edit: Oh sh*t dude did you also say Snake? My bad.

Edited by nokuto
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Ideally both of these badass, deadly, multi-talented women.


Jennifer Mui from Mercenaries 1&2:




Or Sameen Shaw from Person of Interest:




But if I had to pick one..


Damn it, I can't. Please don't make me pick just one :(

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Vince McMahon.


I can see it now:

The Super-Jacked Wrestling Group (stylized as Super-JACKED Wrestling, abbreviated to SJW) is a wrestling company founded both by Vince McMahon, CEO of WWE and Robert McGavin, CEO of Obey Manufacturing, an automobile company.

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Maybe pre-RE6 Ada (since she turned into a mouthy, over-confident c*nt in that one). She's good with a gun, a ninja, fairly classy, and has that grappling hook thing so I could borrow it and inevitably kill myself with it after crashing into the side of a building.


If magic/fantasy characters were allowed, then I'd take the Lady of the Lake.




She would be a constant source of entertainment.

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My Fallout 4 character, if applicable. f*cker merc's deathclaws and mutants left right and center like it's his job. The scum of Los Santos stand no chance.

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Putin, vodka and horses. Yeah, horses.


Seriously, I'd say Vaas from Far Cry 3. I'm shocked no one said anything about him.



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The Doctor of course!




We'll time travel back to the classic San Andreas and further! onward to Vice City! Then we will play the stock market

Edited by CrysisAverted
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slimeball supreme

Max Payne.

Sge6QaD.png yURtluV.png

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Nah nah nah Gta 6

I'd probably go with John Marston, but...







So I'll go with Rayman since invisible body parts aren't considered as an extravagant power in GTA Online.



Edited by Stoney0503
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Uncle Sikee Atric

Alyx Vance.... Something tells me she would fit into Los Santos pretty easily.




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