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Next gta


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If the next gta is in the 70's it wont be as good.  all right.  I love the cars from the 70's.  All the muscle cars to go around.  It would be cool for a gta game, but, there would be like no bikes.  They would have to have differend kinds of faggio type bikes and instead of a pcj600 in would be the pcj60.  It would go slow as crap and they would only have like 3 bikes in da game.  I think they should make the next game in present times so there are a lot of tight motor cycles and they should ad in some old american muscle.  What do you guys think?



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Well, I agree that it might stink with all 70's cars, but remember what they did with Vice City. They put a mighty load of cars that didint resemble the 80's, like the, uhh, well, imnot gonna say b/c I might have different oppinions, but the Hunter seems a little to 90/00's. Anyway, I'm sure the 70's version will be great, so don't worry. :D

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Well, I agree that it might stink with all 70's cars

I actually like the 70's cars.  I said that earlier, its just the bikes are going to suck @$$

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Well, the 70's has alot of cool stuff that they could explore. Not that I was alive then or anything, but some stuff. Some cool music, cool cars, and some other stuff. But I wasnt too convinced of the 80's being kickass when I first heard that is where vice was gonna take place. I'm sure  :r*:  will make it kickass, whatever the decade.

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In the 70's?! You gotta be kiddin me.

Well.....I looooove the music. :music:

But yeah it should be present. I'm sick of these sissy suits they got in Vice. I want a real suit, I'm talkin Reservoir Dog style. :cool:

user posted image


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I've made a pinned topic in Blarg > General Chat to discuss possible future versions. :)


Topic Closed.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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