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The Official GTA Next Wishlist

Recommended Posts


Every Street in GTA6 should have name

Every neighborhood in GTA6 should have different feel and vibes

More innovated gaming world 

environment in GTA 6 is more reactive

character and game Ais reacts to the weather in GTA 6

More interiors such entering the airport, restaurants, apartments etc...

Mini-Games: Dancing, Drinking, Club Management, Golf, Bowling, Arm Wrestling, Prison Cage flight, Undercover flight club, Jet Skis, Drug runs, Gang Wars etc..

Missions checkpoint and ability to replay missions

More Vehicles than ever before in GTA game

Radio stations icon that give song name and the artist and more songs



New and Advanced Rockstar Games Range Engine


New AI system


AI will be more clever in combat system


More Organic gameplay


Authetic intreractions with gameworld and NPC


New Control mechanics such as weight of gun, weather, controller the way you press will affect the shootings mechanics


More Gun customization than ever before such as grips, edgings


innovation of gameplay aspects will change with more interacting with game world with talking with every NPC in game


Dynamic events or Random events will on another level


Construction site around game world will be finish overtime in gameworld


Evolving real time game world such real progression of time


Larger and more detailed cities, suburban areas, metro areas, countryside 

Edited by Thefames

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God i hope they make the respray colour picker like, an actual grid of colours instead of just a big list of colour names. have the name display in a corner too so people can be like, "oh, the colour my car is whatever green" but it's so weird that the only place where the colour itself is displayed in the UI is on the car itself

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  1. The freedom to play bank heists and gang hideouts with out having to buy the special edition, unlike RDR2.
  2. The option to buy the special boost in the special addition, since its not called a ultimate boost like in RDR2.
  3. The freedom to not pay to win, since RDR2 pre-orders offer a pay to win bonus.
  4. The freedom to have multiply outfit slots, unlike RDR2.
  5. The freedom to not have my horse permanent die, if I didn't pre-order the game like RDR2 and GTA 6 includes horses.
  6. The freedom to unlock specials like Dead Eye without having to buy the special addition like RDR2.
  7. The option to glue my headwear permanently on in settings.
  8. The option to sensor offensive language  permanently off in settings.
  9. The option to teleport to any location from anywhere, outside of missions ofcourse.
  10. The option to invite friends into the story campaign.

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In the next GTA Online we should be able to purchase an apartment or house in just about any of the poor neighborhoods if we so choose to.  I want to be able to start out as a small time gangbanger that lives in the projects and does small time gang banging crimes for a living.


  • Pickpocketing peds and other players
  • Breaking into homes to steal things to keep or pawn for cash
  • Selling coke, weed, etc on the streets
  • Fighting other gangs
  • Robbing stores 
  • Steal car parts to sell or keep (radios, tires, rims, doors, etc)
  • Robbing banks
  • Looking out for the police

We can already rob stores but I want to take it another level. Like once you hold the store up at gun point you can grab as much clothes, food, and whatever else that place has to offer as you want before the cops arrive. We already get free snacks from the ceo so it makes sense for the game to allow us to steal these things without paying for them. 


Getting killed in the middle of taking it returns the items back to the store though (unless you eat some while fleeing in the case of the food) 


There should be different kinds of criminals though. The gang bangers like i described above and some other things.


  • Street racers
  • Boosting cars
  • Hackers - much like the one mission michael does for Lester you'd break into different places in disguise to hack for different reasons
  • Kidnapping - including getting  kidnapped yourself and  kidnapping other players. 
  • Planting bombs for ransom - Making demands, etc
  • Identity theft - there's peds all over the place who's lives you could steal that leads to all types of different scenarios 
  • Hustling at different things including like playing Street Hoops, selling sports tickets to peds,  etc.
  • Running your own illegal casino in your safe house.
  • Working for a drug lord/Becoming a drug lord yourself when you reach a certain gta level.
  • Dirty/Crooked Cop - Joining the police force to be a criminal that's on the inside (or just choosing to be a good cop if that's what you want to do) 


Edited by VictorVance1239

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