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The Official GTA 6 Wishlist Topic


Recommended Posts


i know its a little utopic, but imagine gta online more serious and less wacky, with some physics like that plus in depth tuning options like those, so you can make a grip or a drift car......

ill keep dreaming 

Edited by imsohighalot
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- Ability to load cars on a cargo plane and car transporter.

- Some cars have 4 seats but only 2 doors so 2 remaining seats are not usable. I would like it to be changed if possible.

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On 1/1/2021 at 9:09 PM, WanteD1 said:

I hope Fernando Martinez will return in VI 😪
Emotion 98.3


Yes he can return with a physical appearance in VI bcz he only came to Radio on 3D universe GTA's just like Lazlow

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On 12/24/2020 at 1:43 PM, Cahill--EFC said:

There is only one location we want all want for GTA6.




2 Protagonists Del or Rodney

Driscoll brothers as the sinister crooks

inspector Slater as the bent cop

Nags head as the safe house  

This time next year we'll be millionaires!

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Thomas Cavendish
On 3/29/2014 at 5:03 PM, cohofcoh2 said:

picking up bodies and disposing of them in industrial garbage can, or any other place (water, garbage truck, selling it if possible, feeding it o the pigs,(Nah just kidding)


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Some stuff that would be cool to see:


  • Police foot chases. It's something I've wanted them to expand upon for a while now. I can imagine the cops pulling moves like these. They would try and tackle you like in RDR2, perhaps use tasers. K9s?
  • Different types of enemy NPC behaviors. Every crook you fight in GTA games have the exact same capabilities and skills. Imagine entering a gunfight with someone who's barely used a gun before, reloading super slow and having horrible aim. Perhaps even accidentally tripping over stuff, something like that. Other types of enemies could include rushers, long-distance sharpshooters, close-quarters experts, etc. At the same time they shouldn't be straight up RPG copycats, if that make sense.
  • Something that's been reiterated countless times: Give us more stuff to spend our cash on. That, or make it a helluva lot more difficult to earn said cash. I.e. don't drop millions on us outta nowhere. Make us work for it!
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- Ability to design our own house, apartment, safe house etc - kindof like FO4. Preferably with the help of a super camp interior designer. 

- Weapons room like in Cyberpunk 2077

- Use vehicles as weapons storage.

- Selling weapons 2nd hand to gun shops.

- Multiple sources of income. I want to be able to enter the arms, drugs, business and even property industry outside of main story. 

- Many more crime related side missions which have story threads to them. Not necessarily anything affecting the main story.

- More stealth like/non violent missions which include subversion.

- Bounties - Both ones we can take on, or ones that are taken against you if you cross a rival. 

- Wanted system - if you get to 5 stars, it will go back down slowly but will not completely go down to zero until you've ditched your car, changed clothes, or gotten to your safe house undetected.

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On 9/13/2020 at 10:52 AM, GinsengElixir said:

* Rags to riches story - Yes this is a cliche but we need to work for our money and have a strong incentive to earn it.

* Side income. I think GTAV missed an opportunity here - Michael could have had a side business producing sh*tty B Movies, Franklin as a music producer and Trevors drug/arms dealing was underdeveloped, but his side activities were some of the best things about the game were his first side missions. I want something like this for our protag and not to be railroaded by the story.

* Infiltration/assassination/Paid hit man missions

* Proper gang warfare to be integral to the story.


* As with above, far more open shops, vendors, barbers, cafes, food joints, resteraunts(high end) etc etc.

* Less aggressive police force(slightly), so we're not forced into all out rampages if that is not our playstyle.

* Ability to bribe police.

* More real estate to buy - not just houses but bars, restaurants, even hotels if we have enough money.

* Gambling.

* Brothels

* Weapons lockers throughout city

* 'Bat cave' where we can store weapons and vehicles.

* Heists which we can organise and enact of our own free will, from planning to implementation.

Damn forgot I wrote that, sorry for double posting some stuff! 

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I want dedicated servers instead of sh*tty p2p. I want a gokart. I want vice city. I want 6 stars. I want crouching.

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In short, I want a more diverse map, overhauled physics (crouching, climbing etc.), a much smoother money grind and money system and more realistic and impactful missions/jobs/activities. The more in depth is gonna be VERY long but there are a lot of things I think are MUST haves in the future.


More in depth:

- Map set on the East Coast, Vice City (small Orlando area too, with attractions/seaworld) and surrounding countryside (marshlands). Further up the map past wooded areas and mountains I'd have a Washington DC inspired city with hills and farm land far behind it, then a highway through more country to Liberty City and more mountain ranges just beyond that (I'd make them snowy just for more diverse gameplay).

- Vice would have the beaches and marshes, attractions, hotels and that neon American vibe and key characters would be cartels etc. DC would be that polished city and home to the maps resident military base (let's call it the Hexagon), key characters would be politicians and power hungry ceos. Liberty, of course that big apple city, once again the grittier of the 3 places, key characters bent coppers, wannabe's and up and coming crooks. Beyond the cities you'd have mountain ranges (top of the map snowcapped), woods, marshes, farmlands to bring a lot of variety and gameplay possibility. Each city would have an airport and makes flight more relevant than ever, and there will be functioning carriers to fly your cars.

- Also leaves scope for expansions, separate map "West Coast" could be the state of San Andrea's reimagined, with Los Santos, San Fierro and then Las Venturas inland (or as someone else posted, have the Mexican border and then a city beyond that. Or even a completely different set of 3 cities, could cement this next gta for the long term.


- Vehicle diversity and physics overhaul. Vehicles will perform very differently depending on their environment, bumpy/slippery/steep areas will require 4x4/bikes etc. designed to traverse those areas (no more driving a super car vertically up a cliffside). To keep it fun you can still push your cars in ways you normally wouldn't irl, but they will perform very poorly in those conditions and sometimes even get damaged. This can be used to your advantage though, a police cruiser would struggle to pursue a 4x4 through marshland for example. Vehicle damage will be improved further, the deformation somewhere between IV/V/wreckfest and crashes much cooler/more dramatic, cars won't feel anchored down and can flip and roll and sparks fly. Extreme car crashes can also damage the player(s) inside the car. Police can also be killed when crashed into with enough force. Better panel/hood crumple etc. Roll cages and armor upgrades will me MUCH more impactful here (although, this doesn't mean one crash and your out, just that the cars will visually deform in a more realistic way and crashed be more impactful to gameplay both good and bad). Missions and situations in which car chases happen and vehicles themselves are used as weapons will be much more prevalent now.

NPC cars will drive faster on highways and with the right effort, catastrophic pileups can be started by the player. NPC's are more patient and won't randomly crash into you if you are in the way (unless it's for a really long time, or they are spooked).

- Boats, when heavily damaged, can slowly sink WITHOUT exploding, infact they'll only explode in certain circumstances (such as being shot with a rocket)

- Planes will no longer explode instantly on contact with the ground, it is possible to crash land a plane that has a failed engine/is on fire/has been hit by a rocket. It has a high chance to explode completely if it hits the ground very hard/is on fire for a long time/hits the ENGINE on the ground/an object but it can reach the ground and even in tighter spaces, both wings will be ripped off rather than the plane exploding (so its possible to crash land in wooded areas). Airspace will have tighter controls, small planes/heli/drones can go anywhere (apart from military base) but large aircrafts will have to follow "air highways" they will glow on the minimap when flying large aircrafts. You don't necessarily have to follow them but prolonged time over any of the 3 cities will prompt air control to ask you to return to your airspace. Military aircrafts will quickly gain attention of air control if over any of the cities (they will also receive message from air control, but it will be more hostile). Obviously everyone loves flying around but I think it'd make it more balanced and definitely more realistic if the city streets weren't completely dominated by military aircraft. You will also have ample time to leave the airspace after the warning. Larger planes will also have an autopilot that will allow you to set it to fly straight, allowing you to walk around inside the plane. Military planes (and some select passenger jets) will have anti missile defenses that can be deployed, this will allow players to defend their planes and give them a chance to escape and also make dogfights more exciting and more balanced (and also make up for the less free airspace).

- Players using military vehicles offensively, will very quickly be placed in a wanted level high enough to send reinforcements of similar caliber. Eg. You fly a jet over a highway and blow up civilians, rather than going straight to 2/3 stars and have a helicopter and patrol cars after you, you'll instead have the police contact your planes radio to try talk you down, as well as multiple helicopters trying to shoot your cockpit. Then of course at 5/6 stars military will intervene.


- Improved wanted system, as above the police will act ACCORDINGLY. if you commit a crime that doesn't involve killing someone or drawing a weapon, they will try to ARREST not kill. So steal a car/crash into someone/punch someone/rob someone etc. You will get a police chase, they won't shoot, they'll PIT maneuver, spike strip, roadblock, tase, heli spotlight etc. If you resist for a prolonged amount of time, draw a weapon, shoot, or kill anyone during this. Then the stars will go up and in true gta fashion they will try to kill you. This would make for much, much better police chases because they will last longer and they won't immediately be trying to kill you (and killing everyone around you in the process haha). Crimes you do with no witnesses around will no longer make you wanted straight away, instead you will have to leave a radius of the crime area without being seen (otherwise you will become wanted). Also, once you lose the police (4+ stars) you will have a short period of being "hunted" instead of wanted. During this period any car radio's etc. Will announce you are being looked for and you have to change change clothes and/or car. If the police see you before you do, the 4+ will be reapplied. I would also have it that if the police intervene when you're doing a big delivery of stock, cars etc. They confiscate it, as if they are actually trying to prevent your efforts (dw ill explain later how making money is different now).I know this sounds complicated but I definitely think there needs to be a system to make car chases more fun, extreme crimes more costly and stealth crimes more satisfying. I don't want to feel like I'm going to be murdered whether I've scratched a police car whilst parallel parking or killed 30 people, and I also want to feel satisfied having evaded whatever crimes I committed.


- MORE jobs, on both sides of the law. Taxi driver, bin collector and car recovery could all be side hustles (for fun, or you could use it as a vessel to smuggle drugs, money, or whatever without rousing suspicion). Also working for the police, I really think GTA is missing a trick not having the option to work on the other side of the law (even if its another side hustle). Chase down dangerous drivers, have shootouts, prevent bank heists etc. And again, you can use it as a vessel for bad deeds and be a dirty cop.

I also want to FEEL like I'm part of the criminal underbelly, beyond missions. I get a taste of it from the supply and vehicle warehouses online but I think it can be so much more. Have a class system and interactive missions/job similar to the supply runs, you start off as civilian, any job you take you become (cop, taxidriver, etc.) any wanted level you become crook, and then when you start doing these interactive jobs (in whatever avenue you choose) you will start rising in the ranks of that (car thief, hitman, raider, hacker etc.) And once you've reached a certain level in multiple criminal branches you become (hardened criminal, mob, mob boss, or whatever) and with that, the game will open up more contacts to you and you'll have a bigger presence, but also suffer harsher police presence and force against you (including online). Police will spawn and patrol near active criminal hideouts, including in unmarked cars as if they are stakeouts (to add to the challenge for those high in the crime lord ranks). Those that own warehouses, safe houses, drugdens, biker bars etc. Will be able to hire NPCs to run them and defend them, and will even be able to hire NPCs to travel places with them as their mob and can be made to do things via quick menu. I think this would make it much more immersive, make you feel like you're really influencial to the criminal activities your character is part of AND give you tons of avenues to MAKE and SPEND your money.


-On the topic of money, there will be much more ways to spend and earn it. Robbing stores has a bigger payoff (you can coordinate to steal from the stores safe as well as the cash register), heists are easier to organise and more dynamic, you can intercept security vans with cash, car theft and sale will be a BIG focus (after all its GTA), side hustles, money laundering, as well as scripted missions in which you'll blackmail politicians, hack corporations etc. Depending on which criminal branch your skill is in. Likewise all these properties will cost a LOT of money, you can also hire NPCs to run your empire and accompany you, source stolen stock and cars, setup heists, upgrade your houses, warehouses etc. As well as buying cats, weapons, clothes etc. You also won't be tied to any property you buy or NPC you hire. Staff can be fired (or killed) at any time and property can be sold. Also you can only withdraw cash at cash points and banks, and deposit at banks. No more magically depositing cash via a website. Physical cash doesn't necessarily have to be on your person, it can be in a safe at one of your buildings. Certain criminal transactions can only be paid cash.


- CARS will be priced proportionate to what they are, even if they are newly released in an update. There will be a "Hyper" car class for the absolute high end cars that perform at maximum speeds and are ridiculously high priced, and "super" will remain as it is in V and will all vary slightly in performance like all classes, but plenty of cars in each class will be viable picks for racing. There will be car dealerships around the map and that will be the main way you buy a new car, allowing you to see and test drive the car before purchase (these dealerships will also be victim to you in certain jobs and heist missions). Its not possible to simply keep the car you test drive as it will lock you out after a certain amount of time. Cars will also be able to be used for smaller, interactive jobs like smuggling weapons/supplies in the trunk etc.


-Player physics: You can now crouch, go prone, useful for stealth missions or to take cover in areas other than directly behind certain spots (like in V). You'll be more agile and able to vault quicker and climb more easily (and crawl under areas of certain heights if crouched or prone). 


- Weapons: Certain melee weapons can be found around the map/in buildings and even during scuffles (pipes, frying pans, planks of wood, wrench, knives). Lower grade guns will be more widely used and widely accessible. Ammunation will only supply certain types of guns, higher grade military weapons have to be obtained through other methods/from other sellers. Gunfights with pistols and uzis are more common, both the enemy and the player can fully conceal small guns but not larger ones. Only the highest level of mob bosses carry heavy military weaponry (such as mini guns and rocket launchers). Obviously I don't want to eradicate assault rifles from the game but I think the heavy arsenal of weapons at every corner really detracts from the kind setting GTA is in, the player should work a bit harder to obtain them, and be encouraged not to use them for every encounter. This would make way for scenarios where enemies could be betrayed as you have a pistol concealed, uzi shootouts between amateur gangs. I'd be tempted to do a red dead and make it so you physically carry the weapons. Have your car carry your full load out if you want and you carry a few guns. And instances where you need to be agile, or subtle, you carry one small, concealed gun. I would worry that not having all of your weapons at your fingertips could be annoying though. Once again police will react to your level of threat/resistance. Got a gun? They will shoot at you. Got a rocket launcher? Here comes the military.


- Buildings: Ammunation, petrol stations/liquor stores/convenience stores, clothes shops, barbers, tattoo shops, banks, bars, car dealerships, repair shops will be interactable. Additionally, a small assortment of supermarkets and stores will be intractable for things like small robberies. Each city will also have 1 Airport and 1 police station that can be interacted with. As well as a large selection of houses, warehouses, offices to be purchased (although these will be behind a loading screen like in V).


I feel like there's a lot more I want to add but I'm tired 😅 so that's my wish list thus far, some of it might be a bit of a reach but a lot of that is definitely achievable and I really hope to see it.

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On 1/1/2021 at 7:39 PM, WanteD1 said:

I hope Fernando Martinez will return in VI 😪
Emotion 98.3


Pls R* bring back Oliver Ladykiller Biscuit from Fever 105


Also I want K-Rose in next GTA!
I'm tired of trash music in GTA V ... most ((of new songs)) are about killing-drugs-big asses-.... F**king trash generation!

Edited by WanteD1
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I'm pretty sure, that it will be in the game but I would like to see at least one mission, that will emphasize leap between PS3/PS4 and gap between GTA V and GTA VI mechanics, mission, that wouldn't be technically viable on PS3/PS4 and in GTA V. I don't know what kind of mission it would be but I know, that there are a lot of creative people at Rockstar so I will rely on them.


- Working elevators in free roam (singleplayer)

- Ability to blow up doors if they are locked for some reason, something like this can make you feel like a really bad guy.

Edited by Kris194
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I'd like more immersion with the NPCs. More organic dialogue and movement/ a lot of NPC run away when too close even though youre just chilling. It may be a bit cheesy, but the ability to give homeless money  and more random organic scenarios and hijinks. A moral meter or stat would be nice.

A prison system, where if you get shot, you dont start in the hospital, you always start in prison then have to figure out a way to break out, dig holes etc.


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8 hours ago, e_xxvii said:

A prison system, where if you get shot, you dont start in the hospital, you always start in prison then have to figure out a way to break out, dig holes etc.


That sounds dumb, why would you end up in prison for getting shot? If you got arrested it would make more sense. By that logic we would get set to jail for getting shot by a hostile npc even if we didn’t have a wanted level and did nothing wrong 

Edited by MrBreak16
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I've been replaying GTA 5 recently and i'm doing this after completing uncharted 4. And I can't help but notice the awful controls that has always been in gta since ever. I mean from tapping buttons to characters not moving precisely or fast enough. After two hours of playing my fingers have more muscles than schwarzenegger. In uncharted 4 it feels amazing to control my character while still having pretty realistic animations. Not to mention the fact that I can actually aim manually. I would just love to control my character a little better than previous titles and have a more convenient button layout.

Edited by Joe69
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41 minutes ago, MrBreak16 said:

That sounds dumb, why would you end up in prison for getting shot? If you got arrested it would make more sense. By that logic we would get set to jail for getting shot by a hostile npc even if we didn’t have a wanted level and did nothing wrong 



I see your logic and agree. I would say you program it so if an npc shoots/kills you then you wind up in hospital, but a cop shoots you then you wind up in the  prison infirmary. 

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