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The Official GTA 6 Wishlist Topic

Recommended Posts

Lance Lucky shot

My dream Gta VI: Diary of a true fan

By Lance Lucky shot, Yesterday at 01:27 AM in Grand Theft Auto Series


I dont always make sense, but this is my way of thinking




Everytime I load into a Gta world I always instinctively pull into a convenience store parking lot regardless if there is a rendered interior, I always peek at the rendered window Jpeg faking the inside. We absolutely need FUNCTIONAL gas pumps. Certainly more interiors big complex interior maps for specific missions are something we'd all be grateful for. Small dead end useless interior spots are also something we'd all look forward to hide out at. Imagine a cop chase that ends with you slipping into a motel lobby entrance and being shoo'ed off by a disgruntled super attendent for an apartment entrance or desk clerk for a motel.

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Shyabang Shyabang

A chiropractor who helps you recover from intense action:



Or a sports massage:



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Does anyone really know what the capabilities will be of the next gen consoles GTA6 will be designed for?  WhT can we expect in terms of map size?

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* Rags to riches story - Yes this is a cliche but we need to work for our money and have a strong incentive to earn it.

* Side income. I think GTAV missed an opportunity here - Michael could have had a side business producing sh*tty B Movies, Franklin as a music producer and Trevors drug/arms dealing was underdeveloped, but his side activities were some of the best things about the game were his first side missions. I want something like this for our protag and not to be railroaded by the story.

* Infiltration/assassination/Paid hit man missions

* Proper gang warfare to be integral to the story.


* As with above, far more open shops, vendors, barbers, cafes, food joints, resteraunts(high end) etc etc.

* Less aggressive police force(slightly), so we're not forced into all out rampages if that is not our playstyle.

* Ability to bribe police.

* More real estate to buy - not just houses but bars, restaurants, even hotels if we have enough money.

* Gambling.

* Brothels

* Weapons lockers throughout city

* 'Bat cave' where we can store weapons and vehicles.

* Heists which we can organise and enact of our own free will, from planning to implementation.

Edited by GinsengElixir
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These are the things that I really want to see in GTA 6 Story Mode (this could also apply for GTA 6 Online):


  • A Bit Of Realism In Car Physics & Dismemberment 
  • A Traveling System (letting us fly out to other cities, using underground trains to get from A to B in quick time)
  • Accessible Buildings (e.g. casinos, fast-food restaurants, gyms, nightclubs)
  • Better Fighting Mechanics 
  • Cars With Resources (e.g. a suitcase full of clothes, guns and health items that are stashed in the trunk of your car)
  • More Character Customisation Options (e.g. adding scars/skin blemishes, changing hair colour)
  • More GTA Money-Making Opportunities (e.g. a lottery system, gambling tournaments, illegal trades, pimping)
  • The Ability To Crouch & Go Prone
  • Various Hotels/Motels Scattered Around The Map (offers a place to rest/save the game and is pretty useful if you are far away from your main safehouse)


Might add to this list later on.

Edited by FortifiedGooner86
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Shyabang Shyabang
On 9/21/2020 at 12:00 AM, FortifiedGooner86 said:
  • A Traveling System (letting us fly out to other cities, using underground trains to get from A to B in quick time)

Fly to a city that hasn't been in any of the GTA series before, such as Seoul:




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Having thunderstorms at night time in online on console. But my stock faction still wont be fixed.

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Maybe even more realistic media such as radio. Plus in addition to weather reports, adding traffic reports would be great.


Speaking of traffic, how about a bus system you can actually ride? That's what I thought would happen in V.

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Detective Phelps

I'd f*cking love it if they included a chunk of Mexico on the map as well as the typical US city and countryside. Imagine starting from the bottom, living in a poor area of a border city, and rising to the top, using the border to smuggle product, but also to lay low when the heat gets too high. 


If only GTA V took place in the GTA universe version of San Diego, instead of LS. It would have been great to have had a map with TJ and SD and the surrounding area. Then you'd have a REAL 6 star wanted level when the Mexican army is onto you. 

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Game Gang C

Things that we need for GTA 6


- No Man’s Sky Type Server (All player owners in 1 for systems) or atleast 50-100 player servers 

- Full Map To Include Full San Andreas State (Las Venturas & San Fierro) Liberty City, Vice City, New City To Represent Atlanta Due To High HipHop Influence & HipHop Being Most Popular Genre To Date 

- More Money Freeroam Options; Drug Dealer & Higher Bounty Reward.

- Online Player Customization; Height, More Options For Face Construction, Fitness Build & Age.
- More Housing Options; In the hood, middle class, rich and elite with more customization options like with club houses

- Online Player able To Join local AI gangs within Cities So they won’t shoot while in there turf and get them to ride with you like In GTA SA PS2

- Player Range Talking To Reduce Bullying And Trolling As In Only Can Talk To People Close To You But Have Classic GTA 5 Option Also

- More Underwater Life / Discoverable's

-More Hair Cut Options relatable to today’s fashion with growth option (Long Dreads Or  Short Dreads) with style option on spot with Pad Menu to tie up 

- Diamond Watches And More Chain Options to today’s fashion 

- Clothing more options to today’s fashion with sag option 

- more clubs music options with crowd option and it changes crowd 

- music industry missions possible rap career Similar style to low riders mission in GTA SA ps2 

- more Sports options like basketball & track
- Option to be police 

- Timed Jail with actual time being wasted by police or arrested within 24 hours, first offense is 48 real time minutes in jail, second offense 96 Minutes in jail, third offense 192 minutes in jail. To post bail is 30% of your bank but instantly out of jail. After a full 24 Real hours the offenses start over, able to go to cell or go to yard stripped of weapons but there is unlockables in the prison getting caught in jail equals automatic third offense 


this is all I could think of please post below to add your own modifications that would make GTA 6 the greatest game of all time 


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Elias Emmanuel


I am going to write briefly what my idea is for the next gta. In this case I am going to concentrate on the structure of gta online, I would love for R to include the history of gta 6 within this system. We really don't know what we want more, if a vice map in the 80s, or maybe the 90s, or maybe a new installment in Liberty or maybe make one in Colombia, etc etc. And I wonder why not all of them? And then how would this work? Very well, first I want to try to explain a little how gta online works (in case anyone does not know) basically it is about managing businesses, investing in them, improving them, restocking them, and earning money to spend on the things you want, this is a fantastic concept, much more powerful than any structure of an open world game and extremely powerful, something impossible on current generation consoles. Now how can we scale this idea while introducing gta 6? Well, I have the idea that it could occur at all times, that is, to start in the industrial revolution in England (New city) and end, for example, in Liberty city in the year 2500…. What?? Are you crazy?? Not at all, let me explain why this is the best idea.


Let's imagine that we start with a character in the 1810s, in a city set in the middle of the industrial revolution. It would have its own missions, its own cars, its own clothing and its own advantages, now well over time new cities would be added that would represent the passage of time, then in a new expansion this city would be added, for example set in a version of the saints of 1940 (My head blows me) with their own missions (to continue the main story) their own cars, cosmetics, businesses, advantages etc (all this would be thematic of each era). And then we will jump to vice in the 1980s, and then to 2020 (in some new city) to go to 2242 (where there could be a world war, why not) and end in the 2500 with humanity rebuilt and exploring the world. space, colonizing planets and fighting aliens, and yes, with many flying motorcycles from the future. All of this doesn't have to be exactly like that, I just want the concept to be understood.


So gta would have a huge map with 5 or 6 maps with their different times and characteristics, now how would this work mechanically? Let's take the concept that gta online uses and how it evolved over time, We said that this is about managing business, each expansion of gta online brought with it some business or some new way of making money, and each of these was added and coexists with other expansions with other businesses, so the user manages these businesses and intersperses them according to their need or game strategy, well with gta 6 we scale this, because we do not manage businesses, we manage times, and these times will give us exclusive advantages that we will use in a general way and we will insert it as we did with gta online. Each era would represent a technological leap, so the power of our character would increase due to access to these new technologies ... and how will we advance from that period? Well, here many variables could come into play, but suppose that we are on the oldest map, we will have to completely master its mechanics and businesses that allow us to buy the first business in the next city, thus enabling all its new content, which in turn Once it will allow us to continue advancing with history, then each era would represent a significant improvement over the previous one, and would give us an advantage. For example: A character from epoch 3 would logically be much more powerful than one from epoch 1, with epoch 5-6 being the most advanced (where they could add all those cute things that break the game, like orbital cannons or spaceships)


To summarize this, a gta with many eras and we will advance through them, Imagine how much fun it would be to restock a factory in 1800 and have a pj from period 5 pass over us with his flying terrorbyte being chased by a group of AI robots assassins who want to steal the plasma he collected from a meteorite to resupply who knows what. If that's what I mean, letting your imagination run wild here would be ideal.
But why is this idea really overwhelming?
* The fact that it deals with the passage of time, would allow us to visit all the previous epochs and maps in a new version
* The fact that it will launch over time (I would say that in about 5 years we should have a GTA with all its eras) and it would considerably reduce the stress of having to launch something all at the same time
* The fact that there are so many eras, from rockstar to endless possibilities for adding post-launch content
* It would be the definitive GTA
And finally, how could we include the history of gta 6 within this system?
I have 2 ideas. The first is that it represents a family throughout its history, of how they started with a small business and became space colonizers, and each era has its own character and the possibility of exchanging between them.
And the second idea (the most impossible but interesting) is that it takes place within the gta online universe. That is to say, and to be as clear as possible, here the children go to school to learn to restock a business, with that concept, how that world evolves over time. Here perhaps everything is a little more confusing, but this whole article is at your disposal to add whatever you want and help make it more forceful.
I do not speak English, so I translated this with Google translator, please excuse inconsistencies


I hope this contributes


Edited by Elias Emmanuel

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Shyabang Shyabang




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first person view that works fluidly compared to gta v and rdr2

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This is my wishlist:


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Details that make the world feel more alive.


This may sound benign but an example would be this. When you phone the mechanic to drop a vehicle off for you, I'd like it a little more fleshed out. Why not have him drop it off on a trailer or toe truck. 


Don't allow us to spawn in motorcycles like the MC president abilities enabled, or magically buy ammo from some menu, rather make us go to an ammu-nation or have to phone a merryweather ammo drop. Or if your in a gang let's say, have a member roll up and drop us off some ammo. 


Little things like this create a more authentic feeling to the gta world and make NPCs feel real.



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Hidden missions.

For example, you have two friends, that don't know each other. You call them to hang out, it would do something like "Hey, I'm going to have some drinks with X, you don't know him but you'll see, we'll have fun". In the car you introduce them, and everyone talks about everything. Some days later, one of your two friends calls you and tells you they need your help with something. Turns out they kept contact and planed something that they now need your help with.

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Thomas Cavendish

Realistic pedestrian density. PLEASE. (tired of 4 people each kilometer in V)

Times Square, New York - Bucket List Publications
Diagonal Crosswalk: Walk Any Way in LA’s Safe Scramble ...

About Lincoln Road Mall - Lincoln Road Mall - Shop, Dine ...

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Drive by's and hitmans after you on free roam (like bountyhunters in rdr2)


Imagine this guy after you:





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Hope the motorbike physics are completely overhauled. Not expecting MotoGP/RIDE-levels of realism, but having the ability to highside/lowside if you get too aggressive with the throttle would be a great improvement. Add better low-speed mobility and control so we have agility like moto gymkhana and controlled wheelies and stoppies and it’d be perfect


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