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The Official GTA 6 Wishlist Topic

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josh coley

for single player i want heists to be an activity that the player can do outside the main story. it could work where if we have a safe house that has a planning board we can pick out a big place to pull a heist on. then we case the place we want to rob then put together a crew, choose an approach, get the equipment, and finally pull the heist. we should be able to pull as many heists as we want. also we need more things to spend money on in the game such a large variety of different safe houses, vehicles, luxury yachts, businesses, food, clothes, and more. we should have safe house customization similar to saints row 2 as well allowing us to choose the style of the house, the furniture, the appliances, and allow us to make additions to the house such as game consoles, televisions, radios, amongst other things. speaking of safe houses, what i would also love to see is an option to have cash cluttered around our safe house, similar to office clutter in gta online. the amount of clutter would depend on how much in game money the player actually has. the clutter option could be turned on and off in the pause menu.  

Edited by josh coley
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Wish it was as good as this Concept Trailer


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On 4/8/2020 at 12:39 PM, MrBreak16 said:

Great post @The Made Man.

Here are the weapons that I want in GTA VI :

Handguns :

- Glock 17

- Colt M1911

- Beretta 92FS

- Colt Python .357

- Desert Eagle .357 Magnum\\

Once again proving that SR1 had the best set of basic handguns in open world history...

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