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The Official GTA 6 Wishlist Topic


Recommended Posts

1.Vice city

2."Justin Bieber and his Infernus joyride" easter egg if above wish is correct



5.No serious story choices, for canon's sake.

6.If we've seen Lazlow we need to see Fernando for real now.

7.Atleast 80 missions, for enjoyment sake.

8.Missions that make sense, and are not just kill for money like in GTA IV.

9.Fixed AI when player is stopped at red light

10.oh yeah little edit, We need Sprunk also!!

Edited by RandomStunt
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Personally, I liked the three character storyline. I would like to see that come back. Maybe two dudes and a chick this time...


Or maybe just two characters like an older Franklin and some young punk. Franklin would get to fill the role of Michael by being the experienced mentor this time around...



Anyway. I like pretty much everything about TGA5 but how cheap the wizard cops are... lol

Edited by Midyin84
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At least two big cities and countryside so we have purpose to venture out of the city like in SA. BUYABLE SAFEHOISES DAMNIT!!! A good story, not like V's cliché one.

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Singleplayer mission creator with a higher Prop, Vehicle, NPC cap. No need for cutscenes.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Like that one guy said, Buyable Safehouses and in general, Buyable Properties MUST be added back to GTA. It just doesn't feel right without them.




Also all the old side missions (Vigilante, Taxi, etc). The simple removal of these has in fact tainted the current GTAs and made them lose their GTA-feel.

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A better wanted system

First lets stop the entire thing of getting arrested over stupid Bullsh*t like standing close to someone or hitting a cop car if you hit a cop car let them try stop you and give you a ticket sometimes you don't want to get into a chase.


-If stopped by the cops they can ask to check the trunk in case they" smell something"


-If you commit a crime depending on how serious it is cops should take more interest in it like in Mafia II after doing a crime cops go to the crime scene and start asking questions and getting a description of the suspect. Eventually they put 2 and 2 together and start knocking at your door


-If they don't see you but they see the car they will get the plate numbers and may put out an APB on the car so if they see you driving the car you would get a wanted level In order to get rid of it you go to Pay and Spray and change the plate numbers. It could also happen with a random car you steal the police may have been looking for it like in Mafia II.

If you have a high wanted level Radio Stations will start saying that a maniac is on the loose and that people should avoid Whatever area they were last seen in.


-When you get arrested let the cops put you in the car and take you down to the station during the ride let me attempt to kick out the windows and attempt to escape.


-I want to see undercover cops assemble and try to take you out you could be sitting on the bench and then see an unmarked car pull up, people at coffee shops looking at you or in your direction, officers in street clothes looking for people that fit your description and so on. That would be very hard to implement but it would be very interesting to see and keep you paranoid whenever you play GTA.

Edited by Zello
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- Two protagonists, rival each other.

- Two endings, one in which the first protagonist wins (Good Ending) and one in which the second protagonist wins (Bad Ending).

- San Fierro and Las Venturas as a setting to see the entire State of San Andreas (Los Santos, Blaine County, San Fierro, Las Venturas and surrounding areas) in GTA Online.

- Side-missions such as Taxi Driver, Paramedic, Firefighter, Vigilante, Bounty Hunter, Hunting, Random Events, Collectibles, Rampages, Unique Stunt Jumps, Car Thefts, Assassinations, Gang Wars, Drug Wars, Drug Dealing, Arms Trafficking, Shooting Range, and more...

- Minigames and Sports such as Bowling, Pool, Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Yoga, Parachuting, Scuba Diving, Triathlon, Land, Air and Sea Races, Hotring, Bloodring and Dirtring Events, Arm Wrestling, Cage Fighting, Casinos, Heists, and more...

- Of course, iconic and brand-new vehicles, powerful weapons, an array of clothing styles, vehicle modifications, weapon customizations, customizable characters, animals, property management, nightclubs (the Split Sides comedy club, strip clubs, pool clubs, bars, live concerts, et cetera), television shows, Internet, and more...

- Special Abilities like the "Bullet Time" and "Zone", different ways to complete a mission, "Replay Mission" feature, the ability to refuel vehicles, stealth approach and Manhunt-style executions.

Edited by toxluv
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- vice city

- cars with weapons attached

- more military planes and helicopters

- at least over 80 missions

- more heist and no heist preparation missions (buying a mask hiding a car etc)

-gang wars

-selling drugs

-6 stars again

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Drug induced missions like killing giant dragon hallucinations.


Hey, they're drug hallucinations, ok? It's not unusual for them to break the rules of reality.

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Drug induced missions like killing giant dragon hallucinations.


Hey, they're drug hallucinations, ok? It's not unusual for them to break the rules of reality.

It sounds quite unreal. Come on, dragon hallucinations? Drug hallucinations is quite tolerable. I've never seen a GTA protagonist go mad with the drunken state, except the nauseatic feeling.
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I know I've already posted "San Fierro 1970" but I have another suggestion : London 1960.

It's already made! :) Just a year after what you want.

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I think that adding more sandbox type game play, as in just free-roaming while not on a mission.

Would be a great addition to the game play like making it able to round up gangs (like in san andreas) but it should be added in the newer versions of GTA maybe a DLC that adds the ability to hire body gaurds even and give them a gun that you have in order to make them more powerful then get like 3 of these guys and they could help you on a bank heist, it would be nice if you could give them jet packs if you wanted too. that way if you took off flying they would follow you best they could trying to get to your elevation so you could get them in a heli on a roof or somthing. And more mischif in general drug dealing in game to make cash while it poses a threat of the cops randomly coming after you, and grandtheft auto jobs places where you get cars and bring them to a sshop(without the cops after you{no heat}) you can sell the stolen car better cars will earn you more, just alot more things like that which you can do in your spare time if you dont feel like doing a mission.

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GUYS GUYS GUYS we got mentioned in an article!


OT: Forklift minigame would be cool.

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NYC/LA in 1990s

East coast west coast hip hop rivalry

Include cj as somebody you come across

Crack epidemic

High crime rates in cities

Include las venturas (2pac murder)

You could be affiliated with one crew in hip hop (nas/biggie/pac/mobb deep/wu tang)

Multiple characters

White collar crime exec insider trading

Somebody trying to extort pres clinton over Monica lewinsky

Huge map with many cities like DC/bmore Boston Philly Chicago vice sf Detroit Rocky mts atl New Orleans stl etc


Maybe not possible in gta vi but one day this would be the ultimate gta

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Better NPC's than this bullsh*t they've put in V.

For example...


while you're drving your car foward, and a car comes in from your right or in front of you, they wont keep driving like retards and they use breaks.

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What like rest breaks while driving? So as to not get tired and kill? That would be super realistic! :D

Edited by jp9865
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  • Vice City (doesn't matter if it's present day)


More traffic with more variability


Destructible environments


Better car physics


A darker nighttime


3 protagonists


Realistic steak


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Location: Pretty much it's going to be in Vice City, since it is the only city left from being remade. But, I would definitely love a Chicago-inspired city as new location, along with some of it's wilderness. Seattle is also a good idea.




Epoch: Mid-90s/2016 - 2019




Role theme: What about something more serious and emotional than the overly-satiric atmosphere we saw in GTA V story? Also, something more deep. That whole history of three guys seeking money above all just don't caught me effectively.






1 - One or two characters that you can play as.


2 - More miscellaneous quests types. We should be able to play as cops, ambulance drivers, fire-fighters, pizza couriers, newspaper photographers, hired killers, drug dealers, etc.


3 - More side-activities, like casino games, snooker, surfing, mountaineering, fishing, rafting, base jumping and free jumping with those wingsuits, canyoneering, skating, and, if for a miracle they put snow in the game, snowboarding and skiing.


4 - More variety of vehicles and their customization. They should include skates, roller-skates, high-pressure resistant submersibles, stealth bombers, more military jets/helicopters, windsurfs, kayaks, yachts that you can use as safe houses... along with more optional changes of already-existing vehicles in the game, like vinyls, nitrous, side and roof air-intakes, bullet-proof (not totally) windows, and, of course, carbon fiber body parts, spoilers and tires that actually influence on the vehicle performance.


5 - Garages that actually SAVE your vehicles, and does not vanish with them. Also, I'd like R* to make it possible to change the character's standard vehicles.


6 - More realistic off-road. It's pretty stupid how the Entity XF is one of the best "off-road" vehicles in GTA V.


7 - A MUCH better wanted/harassment system. It's annoying and dumb how you can get shot down by the cops/gang members if you kill some of them/explode something without being spotted; and sometimes, you will get killed even if you STARE at them. Not to mention that ridiculous sneak system in which if you shot down somebody with a silenced sniper from the top of a mountain, without ANYBODY noticing you, you will inevitably get a wanted star.


8 - More main story/strangers & freaks missions.


9 - More mods. Sometimes they REALLY extend the useful life of a game, but the few ones we got in GTA V sucked.


10 - More enterable buildings and more dense woods, without sacrificing much of the map's size for this.


11 - More variated and intelligent NPCs. Would be nice if they add stuff like street artists, foreigners from distant countries, kids, deficient people, street-sweepers... and, of course, they definitely should raise the current AI of the NPCs. It's ridiculous and hilarious how people in GTA V can run hopelessly from you/call the police if you stare at them. Not to mention that they sometimes leave their cars and run away when you punch the bumpers.


12 - More purchasable properties/safe houses, along with the possibility of upgrading them.


13 - The possibility of dating, like they did in GTA San Andreas. Also, adoption of pets is a good idea. Would be cool if you had the option to buy diverse dog races, feed them, take them for a ride with a collar, use them as protection depending on the breed, etc.


14 - More purchasable clothes, like watches, rings, chains, sportswear, jumping and diving suits, etc.


15 - More haircuts and tattoos.


16 - Greater freedom of moving in the scenario, like climbing on trees, hanging on edges after jumping and more parkour stuff.


17 - A thirsty/hunger system, along with the need for sleep after some time and a heat/cold system, in which you would need to wear specific clothing according to the temperature that you are exposed. A need to refuel vehicles would also be good to increase the game's realism.


18 - More melee weapons, like axes, hammers, shovels, chainsaws, knuckles, etc.


19 - More scenario destruction. It's quite laughable how small trees, thin brick walls and wooden poles can resist missiles and high-speed car crashes.


20 - More realistic scenario limitation, for example, when you reach extremely high heights, there's an invisible forcefield preventing you from going higher. For this purpose, it's way more viable to add the degeneration of the life bar via hypoxia effects, like they did with the pressure concept when you reach very low points at the ocean.


21 - More secret areas with interesting stuff, like BIG underwater/surface caves with treasures, wrecked planes/ships with unique weapons, underground facilities with hidden entrances, etc.


22 - Larger variety of wildlife, like vultures, crows, eagles, bats, bears, turtles, raccoons, stingrays, spiders, scorpions, bee hives, anthills, alligators, jellyfishes, venomous snakes, more fish species and greater schools, dolphins, whales, octopuses, more shark species, abyssal wildlife, and, of course, GIANT SQUIDS that would crush you down if you met them while free diving or diving in a small submersible. Also, would be nice to see the animals interacting, like a shark hunting a dolphin, or a turtle feeding on jellyfishes, etc.


23 - Easter eggs and mysteries in-game, like haunted places, bigfoot, ratman, serial killers, alien references, UFOs (flying or crashed), government conspiracies, alleged mermaid scriptures and instruments on the ocean floor/underwater caves, etc. But, obviously, I want them to be a REALLY difficult find, in the purpose of not turning GTA universe into Saints Row crazy-alternate fantasies universe.

Edited by JizzleDeSanta
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Well, one thing I'd like is going back to other time periods settings. If we did have the Washington DC city, perhaps make it take place during the 50s. We could have things in there like the Red Scare, civil rights movements, tabloids, and of course alien sightings -- which seem to happen a lot with rumors in GTA.


As far as protagonists, I'd prefer one. If we did have two, I'd want a Bonnie and Clyde type duo, which can have a female protagonist in it and the focus isn't lost.

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All of the Indo - European Countries

A Child Protagonist

A Male Protagonist

A Female Protagonist

An Animal Protagonist

All TV Shows

All Video Games

All Movies

All TV Specials

All Music

All Radio Stations from Every Country in Game

All TV Channels and Stations from Every Country in Game

All Companies from Every Country in Game

All Vehicles from III, VC, SA, LCS, VCS, IV, TLAD, TBOGT, V + New Ones

All Music Genres

Buy Everything at Stores

Go on Vacations

Public places in Every Country

Jobs in Every Country

Theme Parks in Every Country

Casinos in Every Country

Other Kid Free Places in Every Country

Lots of Crime in Every Country

GTA Online 2

Watch Videos on Every Video Website

Order Everything Online

All Types of Law Enforcement in Every Country

All Types of Transportation in Every Country

500 Story Missions

700 Side Missions

Kids Places in Every Country

Attractions in Every Country

More Features

Edited by jay1993
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Grand Theft Auto VI is Coming soon for the PS4, XBOX ONE, and PC.

Also Coming on PS Vita, iOS, and Android.

Later coming on for the PS5, and XBOX TWO.

Coming in June or July 2017

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A Child Protagonist





OT -

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Oh, and I hope the next GTA has better choice of music. GTA IV and V were both equipped with very, very bland music.


At least bland rock. Sad when Vice City and San Andreas did that well.

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