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The Official GTA 6 Wishlist Topic


Recommended Posts

Gnocchi Flip Flops

I'll re-post this from the unofficial wishlist thread:



With Rockstar's next installment to the series coming in a few years, I'm already beginning to gain anticipation for the game and the wait itself post-announcement. With it being developed on these new generation consoles, I'm hoping for a fairly well rounded game. One that is full of quality, diversity, better decisions, and some quantity. I honestly do not want them to strive to be unique and innovative. I want a future classic, something more fun, intriguing and not too complicated. And most of all, I want an HD Vice City.

- more grand theft auto ~ I must agree with the OP's many interesting suggestions here as the series still bares the name Grand Theft Auto. Exporting and importing missions are a definite interest of mine as they make for enjoyable side missions. It could work this way in VI. Say you have to import whatever car that your boss from the Vice City docking area directs you to. Sounds basic right? But what if you could also buy import cars that you either couldn't buy from a local dealership, or are too expensive to be bothered with? The more cars you import, the better the variety of import cars you can buy. And each day of the week could have a different selection of cars available for purchase. That could be pretty cool if you ask me. Of course I'd also like side missions where you'd ship a desirable car to your local corrupted custom parts shop for special benefits. Sunshine Autos should also return but just as a fancy, enterable dealership where you can buy cars. It's corrupted nature should be gone compared to how it was in the 80's and the whole dealership should look only a tiny bit similar to the old one. When breaking into any dealership and stealing a vehicle, you should instantly gain 2 stars and the store alarms should go off. Sometimes dealers will have armed workers too (I watched Top Gear's USA Special :p).

- vibe ~ The overall vibe of a re-imagined and modern Vice City should be laid back. Yes there needs to be bizarre pedestrians and a few odd occurrences, but the city should look laid back. The ghetto areas and trailer areas should feel run down and dangerous, but everywhere else should feel balmy and very Florida-ish. Lots of tropical palms [much healthier looking than the ones within San Andreas] and deciduous trees should be scattered around the map, and the whole east coast should be a laid back beach. As far as climate goes, the weather should be fairly humid, bright, and occasionally stormy. Florida is no stranger to strong storms so at least one downpour or thunderstorm should come every ingame week. There should be some weeks with a lot of sun, and some weeks where it rains nonstop from dawn to midnight. The sunset should also be full of color and purple should be more prevalant.


Of course they'll look their best along the bay areas.

- music ~ I haven't a clue what modern music will be like by the time VI is released, but I hope that it will all be placed onto a station created exclusively for modern pop only. I'd like one modern rock/punk/metal station and a modern rap station too. Just getting those out of the way for the people who would want them, but I'd crave a lot of 80's hits and maybe even a modern jazz station too because those will definitely fit in with the whole laid back atmosphere of Vice City. An 80's/90's pop station, an 80's/90's R&B/Rap station, a 90's grunge station, and an 80's rock station would be incredible. I'd personally favor seeing a song like this on one of those stations:

or this one

Stuff like that would be relaxing to cruise to in city like Vice City, re-imagined of course. Within safehouses, we should have the ability to turn on the sound system and hear the music play throughout the house. One last thing I'd like for Rockstar to add is a custom radio station option for the Xbox One and PS4. If the ingame soundtrack ends up being mediocre, I'd like the ability to resort to custom soundtracks, just saying.

- map ~ I definitely want Vice City as the main city...


Accompanied with that should be the Vice City Bay (Biscayne Bay), multiple islands with prime residential mini-mansions, a taste of the outskirts, a modern town slightly north of Vice City named Fernando (Orlando & Fort Lauderdale) with a Sea World knockoff, and the Florida Keys.


The map should feel tropical near the southern tip of Vice City and the Keys with a couple of intriguing resorts, swamps (the major one being based off the Everglades), and shallow water. The rest of the countryside should be flat and lush, and there shouldn't really be too much of it. I'd like three major freeways. One should be based off of Highway 869 [goes around the city] and both ends of the highway should end on the highway that cuts through the city, which would be based off of I-95. The I-95 based highway should be the major highway the connects the city to the Keys. After it reaches the last island, it should cut north across the water and back to main land, where should go around the city and loop with itself up in Fernando. A highway based off of I-75 should head west from the I-95 based highway in Miami and intersect the 869 based highway at it's midpoint. Throughout the city should be at least two golf courses, a fairly large ghetto area, and a bundle of condos lining the coastline with a wide avenue and beach in between. Of course there should be a decent amount of wealthy neighborhood, most setting near Fernando, but within Vice Should be islands loaded with houses/docks like this:


The views should be luxurious and the lots of these mini-mansions should be even more detailed than the lots of many of Vinewood Hills' mansions. The only enterable mansions should be the ones that you can buy via the internet or visiting the lots. As far as the outskirts go, I'd like a lot of deciduous forests and only a few modern suburban neighborhoods based off of Weston:


As far as the small countryside goes, wet farms and trailer parks would be fine by me. The city itself should have a few buildings recognizable from the original Vice City such as the Vercetti Estate. Fort Baxter A.F.B. should return but in a way similar to the military base in Midnight Club 3's San Diego map. I'd like the base to be within Fernando. As far as level of detail, I'd rather Vice City be the main focus with no detail sacrificed due to the size of the map.

- media ~ I'm pretty sure most of us are aware of all of the turmoil and weirdness going on in Florida [Treyvon Martin, a strange zombie-esque incident, a woman imprisoned for 20 years for firing a warning shot, sinkholes, et cetera]. I could definitely see Rockstar taking the piss on all of those incidents, making the cops and justice system seem corrupted, the residents nutty, and making it seem as if the end was near with all of those sinkholes. Weazel News should be as humorous as it was in IV, yet still informative with reports on the most recent events (including storyline events). I'd like to see another news site named the Vice City Gazette that always bashes Weazel and makes ludicrous news reports. As far as commercials go, I'd like some of that old school GTA humor to be used. The same goes for the talk radio stations and TV shows, because V just lacked when it came to humor.

Snapmatic should be improved and the photo resolution should be increased. I'd prefer the internet to have the depth that IV had, and LifeInvader/Bleeter should make a return. As far as cell phones goe, it would be cool to switch between a Samsung Galaxy based phone and an iFruit phone.

- characters ~ V's 3 character system was cool and all, but I'd prefer to have just one character in this game. It would be cool to have a character from Cuba or Mexico, or from somewhere like those places. He shouldn't basic or bland, but he also shouldn't be too over-the-top either. An interesting character with some background history unveiled throughout the story would be fine by me. There should be a rather greedy/dark side to him as well. As far as personal vehicles, any car that you store onto your property should become your personal vehicle and the ability to remove it as a personal vehicle should be available at all times. This means that the impound should be non-existant.

- story ~ I'm not an expert when it comes to story development, nor how a story should appeal to the players. I'd like a fun and somewhat serious storyline based around drugs, shipping illegal merchandise, greed, and mobs/gangs. I'm sure Rockstar could work with a storyline similar to this, making it intriguing and hopefully longer than 80 missions.

- purchasable luxuries ~ The ability to purchase vehicles should be improved from V. When you search for a vehicle online, you should be able to call for your order just to make the feeling of buying a car via the internet more believable. All cars, bikes, helicopters, boats, yachts, and planes should be purchasable via the sites except for illegal imports. These vehicles should also be purchasable at dealerships, airports, and boat shops too where you get more in depth options as to how you'd like to purchase your vehicle. All legal cars should be purchased at Sunshine Autos except for Grotti and Pegassi, which should have their own dealerships, owned by a company based off of
Prestige Imports.




At these dealerships, I'd like the ability to see what your car looks like when you choose the special variants (if any available), the colors, and the price. Just for fun, it would be cool if you could drive your car off the lot after you bought it, just for a better feeling of "I just bought a new car." The same goes for bikes which should be available at Sunshine Autos unless they're manufactured by Pegassi. Buying the other vehicles should be similar except after buying, they should be shipped to your hangar/marina/house. Buying classic/vintage cars should be done via auctioning sites or at Palmelia Island (Amelia Island) and when buying them at Sunshine Autos, the system should work the way it did in Test Drive: Unlimited 1 [sometimes the classic car in question is in stock, sometimes it isn't, and the price varies every time]. I wouldn't mind if there were only a few purchasable safehouses, I'd just like to have some. Maybe a penthouse near the beach with an outdoor pool and overlook of the ocean.



Or a modern house near the beach/bay area with a pool and lots of large windows.


Or maybe even a Spanish Renaissance house on one of those man-made islands based off of the Sunset Islands, Miami neighborhoods with the ability to dock a boat or even a yacht.


Speaking of yachts, I'd love the ability to earn or even purchase a yacht. I was hoping for a feature like this in V but it never happened. The idea of owning a yacht to travel in whilst enjoying the luxuries of a typical high-end safehouse just intrigues me. It would be cool to go on trips around the map or just dock in the Vice City bay to enjoy the views. A yacht like this would be fine:


Or it could be a tiny bit smaller, just as long as it has some living space, a helipad, a deck with some chairs, and a mini jacuzzi. Yachts should be $2,000,000+ and the houses should be over a million themselves. Private jets should be just as expensive, but you should have the ability to hire a pilot and enjoy the cabin whilst being flown around. RVs should also be just as expensive with the ability to temporarily live in one.


All of these new features and luxuries would make money have more value within VI. As far as owning property goes, I would not mind the ability to purchase the Grotti or Pegassi dealerships. A golf course would also be fine but I'd rather it be enterable too.

- cost of necessities ~ The clothes should be very stylish and diverse whilst being expensive. The weapons should also be expensive, yet the prices of items in the multiplayer aspect of the game better be no more expensive than they are in the single player aspect, as opposed to V. Food from restaurants and vendors should the same price they were in IV and have better health benefits. Instead of health regeneration as health should be more durable, you could stop by a hospital and pick up health for $100.

- automotive things ~ First of all, I'd like to see the return of these cars, but all of them should be updated and switched around to fit in with the HD environment and level of detail:

  • All VC, SA, IV, and V bikes/boats/utility vehicles. All VC cars and VC generations/versions of cars, all SA cars and SA generations/versions of cars, all IV/TBoGT/TLaD cars and IV/TBoGT/TLaD generations/versions of cars, and some V cars and some generations/versions of cars.

    Several brand new cars should be added like some from

    this topic:


  • More convertibles and grand tourers would be lovely too. As far as physics go, there should be two options; one option should allow you to have V physics whilst the other one should allow you to have IV physics, that way almost everyone will be satisfied including me. The level of detail should be improved via the interiors, branding/badges, paint textures, and reflections. I'd personally love better exhaust notes recorded from real cars, this is what everybody else seems to do in the racing game industry.

- customization ~ Cars should be customized at an aftermarket shop named VC Customs, based off of MC Customs. Think of it being similar to LS Customs but going more in depth. Every car should share all spoilers, mirrors, exhaust pipes, roof inlets, tires, wheels, and hood inlets with other cars and they should all come with the ability to add wide bodys, bumpers, rear diffusers, et cetera. Brake changes should be visible and calipers should be customizable and tints should be improved with color options. Basically no car should be left out from customizable parts/options. In addition, hydraulics, nitrous, door modifications, tire widths, rim sizes, sunroofs, vinyls, interior color changes, superchargers, and suspension lifters should be added as well as a lot more rims, carbon fiber pieces, and paint options. Performance options should be way more noticeable and in a way you should be able to adjust the way your car sounds. Parts should be expensive as first, but as stated above, they should come with discounts when you steal some cars for the shops. Multiplayer parts should be no more expensive than they would be in single player.

- Traffic ~ On these new generation consoles, I'd love to see better NPC progamming for the drivers. Slightly noticeable fluctuations in traffic density throughout the day would be nice. Drivers that use their turning signals before merging that either wait for you to pass or stay in their lane if you're speeding would also be nice. The freeway traffic should move at a fast pace, and random accidents would be hilarious. The avenue/boulevard traffic should move at 3/4th's of that speed, and regular roads should have lower speed limits. Even better road designs that allow for better traffic flow would be lovely, but the traffic lights should not be as longer as they were in V. The drivers, well it would be great if they were more laid back and not so impatient with you, but if you hit them, I'd love for them to hop out of their cars and beat you up or look at their damage because that rarely happened in V. As far as spawning diversity, I'd prefer Rockstar to keep it the way it was in previous GTA's instead of using V's spawning system (where almost any types of cars just spawn anywhere). Basically, I want different neighborhoods to have their own selections of cars to spawn. In very wealthy areas, the traffic should be more expensive but it shouldn't be overkilled the way it was in Los Santos.

- VCPD ~ I'd prefer if 6 stars returned, and if the cops became smarter yet less aggravating than they were in V. Adding to that, they should be completely oblivious to where you are if you're either hiding or in a different area than what the police report was made in. Every cop should have a range of sight, but with a line within their radiuses that move left to right to show what direction they're looking in. As opposed to V, they shouldn't have cars that have 700 horsepower 12-cylinders, they shouldn't ram you instead they should PIT maneuver you, and they should wait a real minute until shooting at you whilst running from them on foot. As the amount of stars rise, the intensity of the cops grow and grow and the more stars you have, the longer it takes for the search to be called off once you evade them. 1 star should 30 seconds, 2 should take a full minute. As far as police vehicles go, I'd love these:

  • VCPD/FIB/Sheriff/NOOSE/Highway Patrol Buffalo V version, VCPD/FIB/Sheriff/NOOSE Vapid Cruiser V version, VCPD/FIB/Sheriff/NOOSE/Highway Patrol Granger SWB, VCPD/FIB/Sheriff/NOOSE Vapid Cruiser IV version, V police helicoper, V NOOSE Enforcer, V Police Van


I'd also love for knockoffs of these to be made for VCPD/FIB/Sheriff/NOOSE/Highway Patrol:



Random NPC cop chases should be much less common than they were in V, and should be a little more intense but with no shooting.

- activities ~ I too missed the malls in GTA so it would be great to see North Point Mall returning enterable and refurbished. It would be cool to see the mall function with a Burger Shot, Cluckin' Bell, Bean Machine, a few clothing stores, and a lot of wealthy looking NPC's. Other activities should consist of night clubbing, golfing, tennis, going on wealthy car cruises (both in single player and multiplayer), yachting/sailing, owning businesses and doing a few tasks for them, drug wars, export/importing, sightseeing, and flying. The Escobar International Airport should be south of the neighborhoods right across from the Vice City Bay, and it should be enterable as well, but with a few textures recycled from the North Point Mall with the same restaurants. Flying planes shouldn't be a huge focus in this game as there isn't anywhere else to land other than Fort Baxter A.F.B. but I'd still like a bigger variety of planes, no jumbo jets though. A Skimmer would be lovely, especially if you could dock one near a purchasable house, and a longer version of the Skimmer would be cool too. Fishing, going to restaurants [i'd like a restaurant based off of Popeye's]. visiting bars, visiting parks, scuba diving, taking buses, going mudding, and doing jet ski races should all be activities too. Random interiors scattered around the city would be cool, and the ability to mug people would be awesome.

- amphibious things ~ As stated above, yachts should return. As far as underwater diving, I'd prefer a limited yet more detailed undersea world, but with limits as to how far you can dive out. These limits should be enforced by the sudden deepness of the water and sharks.

- useful features ~ This is basically a list of the useful features that should return from previous games, be added, and be improved: save-points, insurance and impounding [1 hour, in real time, limit until you vehicle gets impounded after sitting unattended; unlimited amount of space in the impound but the bailing fees rise each ingame week; high insurance bills for destroyed vehicles], the ability to walk as far away from your vehicle as possible with it still being there when you come back to it [believe it or not, it was like this in IV].

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^ Great post, Vice City wouldn't be my first choice, but if the tone and music are anything like Hotline Miami I'd love it.

Edited by brownbear
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1. More grounded and realistic

2. Actually have a story not 3 assholes who want to get richer

3. One protag

4.better vehicle damage

5. Refined driving system

6. Smaller map- more interiors

7. Seriously TONS of interiors malls airports big boats Rvs stores police stations hospitals random houses the works!

8.Realistic cops that aren't psychic

9.No more regenerative health bring back food

10. Side missions like pizza boy and police

11.more options (decision making in the story like should I abandon my friend or should I let this guy live etc)

10. Caves mine shafts


11. Bigfoot

12.more destruction

13.more serious story with emotion instead of saying f*ck in every sentence

14. Actual supporting characters (seriously there were only like 6 in V)

15. Play as the good guy who has to do crime but is still good at heart unlike gta v where there all a bunch of dicks

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  • Cook County, Illinois*
  • Female protagonist
  • Set in 2014
  • More than 18 radio stations
  • Realistic steak
  • better customization for vehicles & weapons
  • more realistic TV
  • heists as side acitivity
  • realistic pizza
  • Hijak Khamelion & Elegy RH8 in normal edition of GTA VI


*or northern California with San Fierro

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-Multiple protagonists

-More Heists that will result in benefits to the actual player not the friggin FIB!

-Remake of Vice City, with the ability to 'fly' to LC and SA with occasional missions in said places

-No longer being an errand boy, come on we'll just kill them in the last mission anyway

-More purpose to underwater areas

-A Submarine that isn't the sh*ttest thing to handle

-Ability to buy multiple houses

-Longer story for each protagonist, so you feel the connection like John Marston and Niko

-Spooky woods area, like tall trees in RDR

-Consequences for your actions, e.g. having to break a protagonist out of jail if you fail a heist


-Kill Johnny K's ghost

-Not have an irritating family that hate you, even though they are complete bellend's as well

Not much to ask for ;)

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Better wanted system, more variety in police cars, more realistic AI, etc. Return of Six Stars, and the army chases you.


Return of more "Classic" weapons like the chainsaw, flamethrower, heat seeking rockets, katana, etc.


More "Extreme" vehicles like APC's, steamrollers, a combine that grinds people up like in GTA SA and such.

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modern miami-themed music? Miami Bass Warriors!


Edited by evd
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The one thing I'd love to see is a female protagonist. And the mulituple protagonists. Maybe two guys and one woman or two women and one guy.


I'm just interested in seeing a female protagonist. I've seen rockstar make awesome women throughout their series and a female protagonist would be chocolate icing on the cake.


I imagine the clothes and hair you'd be able to get for her would be great too. I see a lot of female clothes at clothing stores and it'd nice to try them on for once. Please ignore my attempt to get Trevor wearing a purple and black short animal print dress out of my head.

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Female protag would be interesting but it would be difficult to pull off. It is much easier to make a male hardened criminal than a female one. It would have to be done right and would have to make sense with the story.

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I think Rockstar would pull it off. I don't envision Rockstar making a female character centered around her emotions, period, pregnancy and other things that'd make her pull the 'Have You Heard I'm Female Today' card.


Even if Rockstar turned around and made her a big softy whose main skill is driving I think she'd be refreshing.

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Somewhere in Mexico would make a great location, the drug lords, cartels, murder, corruption.

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If I could pick anywhere in the world I'd definitely pick Turkey. It's not very realistic for a GTA game, but I think it would work. It's got crime, interesting and diverse cultures, mafia families, most of the worlds heroin travels through it, police and government corruption, Kurdish separatists, right and left wing paramilitaries, huge cities, beautiful nature, infamously brutal prisons, ex-pat British gangsters on the West Coast and riots.

The main city would be Istanbul, which is one of the most famous in the world. An Eastern city racked with conflict like Dıyarbakır should also feature. You could also have Izmir or a Black Sea city like Trabzon, maybe even Ankara but I'm told it's pretty boring.

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Anyone think a great lakes setting with Chicago as the anchor and a couple smaller towns based on Duluth, MN/Superior, WI and Green Bay, WI would be a little interesting? I think it could have potential to provide a good contrast between Big City and mid sized city as well as some rust belt flavor as well as interesting countryside. Maybe the ability to go scuba diving in Lake Superior and look for wrecked ships Like This One

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Rockstar will probably (predictably) set GTA VI in Vice City, so I can't really tell what the story will be, but I hope they add the keys and Havana or San Juan as an alternate location (like North Yankton in V). Also, I hope the story centers around Cuban Cartels or the Yardies. Apart from that, maybe a little racing theme would be nice to see. I sort of miss the Junkyard-like area in VC (cause it was so much larger, and the story had a significant part taking place in it). I thought it'd be back in GTA IV with Staten Island's landfill, guess who won?




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I think it inevitable that Vice City will have to be remade since it is so in demand. I too would love to see it again. And with the power of the new consoles I see no reason why we can't have a larger city with a large swamp area as well as the Florida keys. And probably have a Puerto Rico type island. That would be really cool.

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This is what I want apart from what it's already included in GTA V, and some changes.


- One protagonist.

- One edition of the game.

- Multiple and buyable properties.

- Enterable restaurants and buyable food from them.

- Girlfriends and more friend activites.

- Paramedic, Firefighter, Vigilante and Taxi driver

- Other side missions: Drug-dealing, gang wars, street/sea/off-road races, triathlons, food delivery, rampages.

- Returning gangs.

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After watching 2 Fast 2 Furious last night I am kind of turned towards a modern day VC setting for the next GTA. Maybe a map with Vice City, Everglades, Florida Keys, Possibly Daytona Beach are and Maybe Orlando.


Like Stingray's post above I think it would be awesome to purchase mansion overlooking the bay. Or a penthouse on a building in South Beach. I can even picture the story following a driver for a modern day drug lord who starts out as an undercover cop (Like 2F2F) but flips halfway through the story and decides to take over the operations from the drug lord he was working for. Thus upsetting the police and setting the stage for the conclusion of the plot. Or it could be just a standard GTA story with a low level driver and thug rising up to become the Coke Kingpin of Vice. Either one would be fine.


You could even have drug smuggling missions that take place in the Keys. Maybe even have a foreign Island that is the stage for a lot of drug smuggling like in the Scarface game.

Edited by gtamann123
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Either way, no matter what city the game is set in (I'm banking on Vice City too but San Fierro could be interesting I guess, or a 1960s Las Venturas) I think we're overdue for a proper VW Beetle. The Injection is cool I guess, and the Issi comes close (Same category) but they're strongly underrepresenting one of history's most influential vehicles! I'd like for all three generations of Beetle to get in, (46-03, 98-10, 12-Pres) but just the latest one would be fine by me, seeing how it's most likely going to be set in modern times. Maybe they'll do a small hatchbacks DLC pack for V or something. *shrug*


Honestly, I'd really love a GTA set in the late 1990s that captures all the hype and sh*t around the "new millenium" and all. It's kind of nostalgic for us... Well... Millenials I guess. LCS might have done this already. (IIRC it was set in 1998, I own it but never played it since I sold my PSP)

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Nice early to late 90's cars, like Honda Civic EG6's, Nissan Pulsar/Sunny, etc.

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Pretty much everything we wished that was implanted in V but never actually got implanted in. Oh and all the good stuff that happened in all previous GTA games as well.

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I would also like to see an improvement of Income properties. Make it like back in the VC days when you usually had to complete a series of missions for an income property. It would be best if you didn't have to complete them to earn money but completing the mission strand drastically increased the revenue generated for that property.

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-Remake of Vice City, with the ability to 'fly' to LC and SA with occasional missions in said places

-Spooky woods area, like tall trees in RDR


The Everglades have a lot of those, like the ones featured on this Miami Vice episode:

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One protagonist. :)

Same here, having 3 was nice but it just becomes a mess later on. Some of my friends are like " you're racist because you rarely play as the white guys " bitch I play who ever I want to play with. But yea 1 protagonist and many antagonists would be nice to have in the next GTA game.

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Yeah I agree one protag would be best. 2 at most if it fit the story.

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Yeah I agree one protag would be best. 2 at most if it fit the story.

3 is just too much to handle, especially if there isn't enough missions to do.

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I'd like to see a character like aveline de grandpre from ac3 liberation. She would have been a good protaganist in any game other than assasins creed.


I'd also like to see them explore new times. I think GTA in the 40's would be good. I'd like to see customizable/community designed radio stations and a racetrack. I wish there was a racetrack in 5 because there is so much unfilled space and a nascar oval would have made it more interesting. Add more customisation in Online. I feel I always end up with the same generic thug/richman in online. Maybe let us make an emo or a rebel or a snooty golf player with a checkered sweater. Let us be individuals rock*. Please

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