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As a long 3d modeller, I've been edging to create new vehicles and buildings for GTAV for a long time. Unfortunately, even the slightest change you make to the game can result in a ban it seems (with good reason, there's a fine line between modding and hacking), plus nothing you change can be used in multiplayer.


I feel like Rockstar could bring in more customers if they provided a sort of modding SDK such that talented 3d modellers, texture artists, and the like could add more features to the game.


Here's how I picture it working:

You create, texture, and animate the vehicle. Then, you export it as a 3ds/obj/FBX and run it through an SDK tool to convert it to the Rockstar format. The handling characteristics and location of availability (which website, which hangar, etc.) could be based off a text file or something similar and be compiled into the model, while the in-game cost could be automatically calculated based off these. You'd then drop the file into a specific folder, upload it to the workshop, and everyone would be able to enjoy what you create. Servers could choose to add the addon to their sessions to allow use in multiplayer. Of course, this would require Rockstar to let people host their own, more reliable servers and save them money, which they refuse to do for some strange reason *cough*fake money that no one actually buys*cough*. (Seriously though, is the cost of running the horribly broken servers with no admin systems even covered by Shark Card sales?)


Seriously, I don't understand why the hundreds of highly successful games with modding support aren't enough evidence for Rockstar. Good modding communities are why GTA: SA is still alive and selling.


What are your thoughts?

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R* never give SDK support even in a game like GTA SA.All mod tools were created by the modders because R* is too lazy to make one.

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R* never give SDK support even in a game like GTA SA.All mod tools were created by the modders because R* is too lazy to make one.

It's not that they're too lazy to make one, it's just not needed.


The community grows stronger when we work together to crack the formats, otherwise we're coddled by big brother.

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There's one important difference though. GTAV has this silly method of server hosting in which no-one actually has their own server. This system works fine on consoles, but on PC it is a poor method. The reason they won't allow people to host their own custom servers is because of their parent company, Take2. Take2 knows that if they allow people to run their own dedicated servers like with other successful PC games, it will reduce the Shark Card sales. That's why they shut down GTA-MP.


So even once all the formats are cracked, there might not be any way to enjoy addons in multiplayer for a long time. I'm almost tempted to donate Rockstar some of my models so that they can use them in a future expansion.

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Cosmetics in mutliplayer are fine.


Scripts? nty.

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That was what I was saying with allowing custom dedicated servers. Honestly, I think they should just drop the horrifically archaic peer-to-peer system they're using. Of course, until Take2 stops getting so butthurt about how poorly their Shark Cards are selling, that won't happen.

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