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It's possible?


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Somebody can tell me if it's possible that Rock Star Games release a demo of Vice City for PC before is ready to be sell..???...this is possible?? if is possible ¿for when? upset.gif


Thanks for your attentions again... :)wavey.gif



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(per)Menant Dreams

It's possible but unlikely  :dozing: But if they were to, I suppose you'd get it with a subscription of some gaming mag, or computer game mag.

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No, I dont think there will be a demo for a few reasons.


1. What would you do? I mean, the game is big, they would have to cut some areas off and such.


2. The coding and transfer work to get it from PS2 to PC would take awhile, and for them to stop and recode moe then half the game to make it small enough to be a demo is totally impractial.


So, no there will most likely not be a demo, and I dont think there was one for GTA3 so, there ya go :)

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Yep what superdino said the game's too big and they wouldn't give you the whole game to explore cuz they can't cut parts. Plus y you wounderin cuz you shuld just buy it for pc anyway.

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Ok, fantastic, no demo, no exact date, no multiplayer, I bore this. think that I won't buy it. fasttalk.gif


Thanks for all, bye....deepsleep.gifepaily.gif

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