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-Grim Lotus MC- (FA/1%/PS4)


Recommended Posts


-Grim Lotus MC-


President- SK8NDA8N (PSN/KiK)


Vice President- Mr_watchem_drop (PSN/Kik)


We're a club. a just started 2/15/16,


we are looking for hang arounds at the moment. We have no rank set yet so positions are available, but you have to prove your worthly to wear a GLMC patch. This is just to get our name out there in the PS4 MC Community. I will update the forum with our website that is almost complete. All contact information is below.



16+ with Mic

Social Club Visible

Must have The App Kik (available on Android and IOS)

Must have MC experience. (if not we will work with you but won't spend a a lot of time if we see your a waste of time




- This is your only crew (Must Remain Loyal)

- NEVER go Passive mode, Off radar

- 1% Rules 24/7 Don't waste time on 99%ers

- ARS/Pistols (Not AP) Pump Style Shotguns Are Only allowed.

- No helmets or masks to be worn

- Hangarounds only drive Burrito vans in either black or red

- Prospects drive either hexer or bagger

- Vehicle and chat access to crew and friends only

- Sawed-off shot guns to be used when on guard






- Any pants with closed shoes

- White v-neck t shirt w/ hangaround rocker on the back


-Prospect- Any pants with closed shoes

- White leather jacket with black stripe with prospect rocker on back


If this is something you would be interested in check us out at the links below.




Social Club- SK8NDA8N


GLMC Property- (ladies are welcome as well)



GLMC Hang Arounds-



GLMC Prospects-



GLMC Mother Charter-



GLMC Website





Watchem_gaming Website-


Edited by x_Watchem_x
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This is another bog standard MC recruitment pitch.


Except... It's not. I'm just a prospect and this is one of my first days in this crew, but it's one of the most tight knit, serious MCs I've ever been in and it would be a privilege and pleasure for others to join too. Yeah, it's another MC, but it's not a crotch rocket, minigun crew. It's not inactive and it's not boring.


Try it out already!

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Property of Grim Lotus

Id follow this president to any club he choose to go to hes a great leader and keeps this MC run in a strict but fun way, if your looking to earn a patch a new group of friends to hang out with ride with and just f*ck around with on our off days this is the perfect place for you.

Check out our website and summit an application today emails and kiks are checked on a daily basis.

Hope to see some new members around soon :)

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Im President Of Grim Lotus MC, Im Posting To Show That We Are A Legit Club We Dont Have Modded Accounts We All Make Sure We Take Care Of Our Brothers/ Ol Ladys Thats In The Club, If Your A Low Level We Will Build You Up And Get You Started In San Andreas, But If Your Interested You Can Contact Me Via Kik Faster. But I Will Post All Contact Info Below, But You Have Nothing To Lose Consider Grim Lotus MC, We Are Strict But We Are Respected As A Club For Our Work, Its Not Easy Earning This Patch But Once You Do Its Something You Will Never Wanna Lay Down.


Kik/PSN/Twitter- Mr_watchem_drop

SC- Watchem-SFFS

SC- Grim-Lotus-MC

SC- 2Dope-Patches (Sponsored By Grim Lotus MC)

Link For Recruitment Below


Edited by x_Watchem_x
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Just joined club. Been in couple MC before but by far this is one of best clubs ever known.


Brilliantly thought out with proper hangaround, prospects and patches. Have multiple charters including nomads for when you need to be away for any reason.


You can feel like you belong when you in this crew, the Pres is true leader keeps this crew a close tight MC

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  • 2 weeks later...

Due to Everyone Being Busy, I Haven't Had Time To Have Our Prospects Bump This For Us, but thank you for checking out our page. I hope you check out our club website and Watchem_gaming also. Thanks for your support for promoting our club by the views.

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Since last updated New members have been patched and transfers put into motion . if your looking for a tight nit active group look well you found it apply today and start you journey into earning your patch

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My Experiences with this club as a hangaround have been nothing but special The brotherhood here is real there always there to back you up no matter what Whether it's in game or personal life they are supporting and caring people Before I came to his club I was looking for a club that had a brotherhood so strong that no one can breakI found that with grim lotus The brotherhood is so tremendous That I've build a friendship outside of the game with A female and Watchem These ppl Are without a doubt one of the if not the best mc's in this game

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