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Bloods Outlaws MC Now Recruiting on All Platforms


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Bloods Outlaws MC is a brand new MC in the MC community. We were created on Feb. 21, 2016. You can follow this link to our crew page:


We at Blood Outlaws MC are attempting to run a crew that is fun for all, meaning that all are welcome. Age, gender, and location are not important, the only requirement is that you follow the rules (see below).

Our goal is to create a crew for those that enjoy motorcycles and all that GTA has to offer. So if you like riding, and GTA, this crew is for you! Currently, we only have members on PS4, but we are looking to expand to all platforms.


There is always something fun and exciting going on in Bloods Outlaws MC, whether it be fight clubs, boat parties, crew challenges, car shows, ghost rides, touring, crew wars and much, much more!

Follow this link to our crew website:



To Join Bloods Outlaws MC

Joining is simple. Just request an invite, answer a few questions from your charters leader... and that's it, you're in! From there you will go through a 1-2 week prospect period, and at the end of that, it will be decided whether you become patched or not. Becoming patched is simple: just follow the rules (see below)! That's all it takes! There are still First 9 positions available on all consoles!


1. No crew killing, we are a family, and we do not kill our own or our allies unless agreed upon by our allies

2. Speak english

3. Wear the crew clothing: a black t-shirt or black leather jacket bearing a large crew emblem on the back

4. Drive one of the crew bikes (see below); only applies to prospects when playing with others from the crew

5. Respect your superiors, it was not easy for them to become patched, do as they say

6. Attendance at organized crew events is appreciated, but not mandatory, crew events will be updated on the social club page

7. Be active

8. If a crew member is in need of assistance from you, be there to help them

9. When you finally become patched you will have to go through the initiation ceremony

10. Your real life comes first

11. Have Fun!

Crew Bikes

Prospects must drive one of the following during the prospect period: Western Daemon, Western Sovereign, Western Bagger, LCC Innovation, LCC Hexer (NO SPORTS BIKES)

Currently we are having a competition to see who can make the best MC patch using our current crew emblem. The one who can make the best patch will win a reward!

Crew leader contact:


We at Bloods Outlaws MC cannot wait to hear from you. We hope you will apply soon!

Edited by bsaw2813
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