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Add-on car missing parts?


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Ok, I don't get this. I have added many many custom add-on cars into my GTA5 with no issues. So, why the heck does this new Subaru from Riqitch811 look like this when I add it...



I added the car files in the correct place and freshly spawned the car like I usually do for new cars, so I'm baffled on why it looks like this. Any thoughts? :blink:



Edited by Gamester42
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Remove few addon cars, there is a limit somewhere, and vehicle parts are spawning incorrectly or missing.


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I could try that, but I don't think that would be the issue as any custom car I have added to the game was just replacing a regular GTA5 car; they were not added on to the game as an "add-on" car per say. I should be able to "replace" as many cars as I want with custom cars, right?

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Maybe wait to new update, R* should extend few limits related to DLC.


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Ok, I confirmed it wasn't a car number limitation issue as I'm still able to continue to add other cars fine, it just seems to be something odd with this particular car. Is there something in the vehicles.meta that could cause this for a particular vehicle or something?

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Maybe, it's a random issue.


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Hi, the creator here. I have not started nor tested the add on capabilities for this car yet, I will look into this.

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The version ChOcOsKiZo linked to worked! Thanks guys and a big thanks to Riqitch8 for making this bad ass car!

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