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The Mysterious One

Getting all snapshots.

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The Mysterious One

I just realized something about getting all the snapshots in San Fierro. It seems that I have to wait to advance the storyline in order to get a few more because they are on the bridges to other parts of the state. I am not only trying to get 100 percent completion, but also to make getting weapons cheaper from when I get wasted or busted. It seems like it's stupid to have to wait to get all of them, unlike in Los Santos or Las Venturas, when spraying the tags or collecting the horseshoes are available all over the respective cities.

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lil weasel

You can get them all very early in the game.

Using mission exploits even before the island is open ("Drive Thru' if you do not enter the car, and "Reuniting the family's" if you do not enter the motel. These lock the "No Wanted" until the mission is completed)

I use a Maverick from the San Fierro Airport to get them. Jump the Airport Guard House roof to get in. The gate opens from the inside if you do not park too close. OR Early in the game steal a plane from the Los Santos Airport (same method) and fly the Shamel for 12 minutes or so, or the Dodo for 25 minutes or so. and you will earn a "License" which is really only a gate pass, you will still have to do the flying school later.

If you position yourself properly you can shoot the bridge targets from the ground or boat, but, using the Maverick is much easier to get around. Becareful of the wires and a hidden barrier.


There are a few spots where you can get multiple targets. You can get some shots even if you cannot see them, if done properly, but not through structures.

Snapshots Map


Horseshoes Map

Oysters Map


You do not need to spend money on any weapon or body armour during the game if you Explore, all weapons are freely available as pickups. Save your money to buy Save Houses, and business locations.

Edited by lil weasel

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Actually, you can take snapshots through structures, and from much farther away than you would expect. If you zoom all the way in with the camera and have the icon in the center of the screen it'll count - there's something special about using full zoom.



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OrionSR, very interesting and useful video! but why the quality so low, are you using fraps on half-size resolution and lowest resolution on game?

Edited by Jaanus949

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Fooking Rekt

This was recorded in 2012, he propsbly had a bad monitor

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lil weasel

Posting a video does not mean the poster Made the Video. And quality does not matter as long as the information needed is shown.

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actually yeah, i still am saving that video to use it in later playthroughs, it's still useful!

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Lethal Vaccine

I don't really care about the "speed" in which this guy is doing the 50 Snapshots, however, the "way" he is doing them. Like OrionSR said, shooting them through building structures when fully zoomed in. In the Video, you can see this guy go to TWO Locations and literally do 26/50 Snapshots standing in the SAME Location. He does ALL of them in about 10 minutes (Not counting flying to San Fierro, which is included in his "speedrun time.")


Since I am working on my Starter Save for SA and literally have every possible thing that can be done in the beginning, all I have left is the 50 Snapshots/Oysters/Horseshoes and I think I will use this Video to do the Snapshots. By the looks of it, it's really easy if you just memorize the spots and try and replicate what he does in the Video...

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