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laffing devils mc is now recruiting ....


Recommended Posts

if your looking for a real mc to join that has fun and raises hell at the same time then the laffing devils are for you.we are a xbox one free aim only crew


as a prospect you will have a 2 week prospect period which means you need to play and ride with everyone,and help out in wars and such and respect the hierarchy.


depending on how much work you put in you could get patched faster its all up to you.


rules:#1 as a prospect is you must keep us your active crew at all times as that is why you are prospecting for us

#2 must help out in a war if needed if you are on xbox

#3 respect all higher hiearchy at all times.


prospects must also have either a daemon or invation, hexor, bagger to start out with.


we have car races bike races and demo derby races also.


and we ask you have the kik app so we can get a hold of you if we are in a war or to let you know when church is if your not on xbox.


if you think this crews for you check out our instagram page ;https://www.instagram.com/laffingdevils_mc/



also our crew page :http://ryancrosscomedy.wix.com/laffingdevilsmc


to join message me on kik user name is iedmaster69 or on instagram @laffing_devillz or join on our prospect page http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ldmc_bc_prospects


also you must be atleast 14 to join.

Edited by ethanj05
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