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Help with Citizen VIIV (GTA V Map for GTA IV) Dead links, Error 22, la

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Ive spent several hours now searching for updated information on setting up a working Citizen VIIV or VILV or ViiV or VilV (seems to be misslabled here and there)


Ive come across several dead links.
I have what appear to be the latest versions of Citizen VILV V2 available, from what i understand i need to extract the components from the folder into any folder, and first run "CitizenFX.exe". Ive tried this as admin, and from within 7-Zip as well, both times upon selecting the GTA folder on my PC, i get "An Error (22) occured while checking the bootstrapper version. Check if http://content.citizen.re/iv/is available in your web browser."
Ive searched for this URL and its a dead link.

Ultimately all i want online or not is to be able to use the full GTA V map with the excelent GTA IV vehicle physics. If i am missing something, if somebody has missing files i need, or if somebody knows of a more up to date method to do this please reply, PM and let me know.

If this post is in the wrong category i apologize, please move appropriately.




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Just because the mod is dead. So, this is why citizen.re and those contents are unreachable.

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Does anyone have all the files of gta viiv v2 mod, i need this mod so much, please answer

I need gta viiv blaine county update too

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