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Rate the Profile Above You

Recommended Posts

9.5/10 Pretty funny, good job.


10/10 cause im in your respect list



( i know my profile is gonna get 0/10 )

Edited by Predator
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[8/10] Nothing necessarily wrong with your profile, but I think it'd be great if you could update it with an autobiography of sorts. Nothing extensive, just a more personal touch.

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Awesome bio, I enjoyed reading about your programming history, musical talent, and your name history. Maybe you could spice things up with graphical headers :p 10/10

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You're really not supposed to give just a number rating, but it's whatever. The three "rate" topics really need to be redefined and managed properly, because if we keep going on like this then it'll be the same ratings, the same people rating stuff they've rated before, nobody giving anyone else a chance, etc. It's very irritating. The problem really persists in the rate the signature / avatar topics more than anything. A few people keep rating the same thing over again, and sometimes they steal turns from people so quickly. This isn't a place to just boost your post count.


Since you have one thing in your About Me page, Hardluck, I'll give it a 2/10.

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Ouch, you hurt my feelings :*(

Just kidding, nothing serious. I appreciate your rating and i'll try to improve my profile :D. Ignore me and rate HardluckStyle.

Edited by mister busta
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I always enjoy seeing the LCPDFR stuff on your profile. I think your profile is the largest and most detailed I've seen on GTAF. [10/10]

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Thanks Mate.


Yours could do with a selection of Images and some better Distinct Headers.


7/10. However, I'm on your Respect List, so 8.5/10.


Seriously, place some Images in there.

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I don't really agree on your opinion towards those two GTA games, but it's a well organized profile. Love your respect list, by the way.



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No Picture of a Ferrari Testarossa? Minus Eleventy out of Ten.


Seriously, it looks relatively Clean, and Organised. I like the Angular 'Testarossa' Name you have there.



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Is tidy, although the red on a blue background is kinda of an eyesore, try white instead, the respect list is cool and i appreciate you took the time to make graphics for the usernames but is not necesary.



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It's short and descriptive, nothing too special though.



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