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Are you going to sell your old roosie?

Id have been your dad

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Id have been your dad

Everyone knows that roosvelt valor its exactly the same as the old roosevelt but with more customizations.. so this makes the old roose kinda useless..

Are you keeping or selling it? I dont know if keep mine or not.


Damn, i cant believe R* copy n paste the same car and put it a new name lol. They could just add new customs to the old rossvelt.

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They are slightly different. You can't get the Valor to look exactly like the original, so a significant amount of people will choose to own both.



They could just add new customs to the old rossvelt.

That is what they could have done to avoid redundancy. Instead, they kept the original and made sure that the base Valor was ever so slightly different (whitewalls, horn, etc.) to insure collectors would have two cars to buy.

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When I knew both cars will stay permanently, I decided not even to buy them. They are really unique and classy, but to be honest they're just like the lowriders and on a few weeks they'll just stay on everybody's garages. I'd buy the Valor because it features those classic awesome bumpers but I don't think that day of fun with it worths a million dollars.


Since I decided to save money for an yacht (even keeping my opinion it's kinda useless without friends to play with on it) I've been way more careful on what do I spend my money on.

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I cant sell mine... I've had it since ps3, and when i try to sell it on a ps4, it just tells me you cannot sell cars worth more than 50,000$. R* support failed in helping me, so i have two roosies, just becuase one is unsellable.

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Nope. Keeping all 4 of my originals. I haven't bought the Valor because honestly, it's just a waste of money to me.


The mods while when tastefully done add to the valor, however spending a million plus to get there for additional visual bling is just a giant money troll by R*. Performance differences are slight between the variants.


Perfectly happy with the ones I have.

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Irish O'African

No, I won't sell it. I will continue to keep it, never ever going to sell it.

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I have owned it for two years. No way I am selling it now.

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Had the old roosevelt since it came out and I still like how it looks so I'm not getting rid of it even though I bought a valor which is slightly different. Personal preference mainly.

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I lost my original to a faulty garage slot so I bought a new one to sit next to my body style 0 dupe, and a valor to sit next to that


I regret nothing

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Sold one of my dupes for a legit roosevelt.


My dupe without both spares and luggage will be sold the same day rockstar patches it. Like how they did casco convertible.

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Keeping both as they can achieve very different looks. If the white walls were optional on the stock wheels on the valor i might have not kept both though.


Having said that the horn on my valor goes "awooooooo" whereas the original goes "awooooGAH" ... And this is enough to keep the original for me!

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No i'll keep it and never buy the valor .


More customisations options doesn't mean more beautiful car , especially in this case .

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My Roosie is practically worthless. I duped back when the fire glitch worked. It's only work 50k but it works perfectly for my classics garage.

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