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xbox one car meet and gumball 3000 cruise!


Recommended Posts

We are the Gentleman Club and after last nights success are offering another chance to join the rally!

We go on car cruises based on the infamous Gumball 3000 with a range of destinations and vehicles that we do them in, we also do activities such as golf and tennis

come join us!

if you are interested add me on xbox [TeamGalagModz] (not an actual modder) and direct message me, then you will be added to the game once added join the party so you can talk to other players and receive instructions.

Meet up:

Bring your best cars to los santos pier to show off to the crowd of car enthusiasts by revving and showing what is under the hood.

Event 1:

We begin with a cruise to different locations around the map bring snacks and beers to enjoy!

Event 2:

We arrive at paleto bay to fix or modify our cars and fill up with gas.

Event 3:

We convoy back towards Los Santos with driving drag races on the highway , line up next to an opponent at 30mph and honk 3 times and your gone but make sure you brake before the traffic!

Event 4:

We stop by the Main modshop in the centre of Los santos to service our cars ready for airstrip drag racing!

Event 5:

We arrive at Los santos Airport and park in the hanger closest to the gate we enter to display our cars and to park your cars when not drag racing.

Event 6:

We all park in twos on the drag strip in a line to take photos

Event 7:

Everyone parks the cars in the hanger and walks to watch the other drag race, NO MORE THAN TWO CARS AT A TIME racing and when finished will head back to the hanger and wait in line.

Events 8:

The drag races will be started by a salut and when this has ended you will go.

Event 9:

To end the day you will be taken in a helicopter to a yacht for a party to enjoy!

We aim to finish the cruise at 9:30pm GMT


No killing or blowing cars up, you will be kicked straight away

No abusing other players = kicked

Crashing at minimum

Clothes have to be appropriate to what we are doing

Realistic driving e.g overtaking when you would in real life any non real driving will result in a ban.

If the event timetable isn't followed you will be kicked.

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