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LS Motorcycle club


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Crew/Gang Name: LS motorcycle club
About: Motorcycles
Leader Contact: Original Leader Offline
Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_motorcycle_club
Platform(s): ANY
Games: GTA 5
Timezone: Universal earth timezone.

PC contact: Urbanninja90210



Hey, if your looking to join a crew without all the blah blah, join us :)


Requirements- Must own a motorbike (though you can drive your car if you feel like it)


That's it.

We're a growing group with a love for motorbikes in GTA. You dont need a high KD ratio, theres no big commitments, but be ready to lend a helping hand when a brother needs it.

We have MC patch/colour crew emblem so you can wear a motorcycle patch after you join.


Dirt bikes, sport bikes and "muscle" bikes are all welcome and treated the same.

Wear what you like, look what you want to look like, no judging here.

A few things we like to do:



-Car/bike meets


-Bike parkour

-Attacking players as a crew

- Missions and heists as a crew

- Territory/ Hangout control

-Finding hangouts etc

-Just chilling and having a good time

-Being a nasty force to be reckoned with

-Exploring every rooftop, backstreet, alleyway and mountain we can find

-Anything you can think of


Each member is free to put forth suggestions/ideas for the club, all will be considered


LS motorcycle club is for anyone at all that enjoys riding motorbikes in game, thats what brings us all together :)

Edited by Urbanninja90210
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Sounds like a great club for me I've been searching everywhere for a good motorcycle crew that doesn't have all these rankings just where they're suppose to have fun and this sounds perfect, but I'm curious how many people use the Xbox One and is this active? And do you just accept people who send an invitation request or is there some sort of quiz or something

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Hey mate, unfortunately i havnt heard of any xbox chapters, and i dont think there is one :/ Shame. was looking forward to seeing you in game. Generally we join servers with the person and check them out for 5 minutes because we dont want snobs or kids ruining the group, but almost anyone friendly / respectful gets a pass in my eyes.

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Finally this the mc crew ive been looking for,not too much yip yap and most important thing for me not chopper only bikes allowed.

How can i join this crew?

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