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Mature Car Meet Happening Right Now! UnderGroundLinkUp 16+


Recommended Posts

UnderGround LinkUp - PS4


Hi people,



WHEN- Official Car meet TONIGHT at & every weekend

Arranging meets all day in a private lobby, official meet however will be held tonight


WHO- Ideally 16+ with the exception of some mature young players


Car classification - Sports - (No Supers)



ADD PSN-B45HH or Rockstar social- B45HHH for invite

Kik - #UnderGroundLinkUp

Twitter - @mistaahyde


Meet Times

Official meets will be held every Friday and Sunday at 9 pm GMT onwards


Crew commandments

Thou shall not:

Kill other members

Purposefully crash other members

Overtake when in formation


Thou shall:

Drive in formation, when in convoys and asked to do so

Listen to instructions

Hold position in formation when asked to do so

Respect each and every fellow member



Meets will be organised and coordinated in various locations with activity’s ranging from drag races, fist fights, convoy driving etc.

Any ideas for future events should be raised – Everyone’s input is equally as important this is YOUR crew



Will vary according to each meet- Tonight classification is 'Sports' Banshee's accepted


Naughty boys and girls

Any problems with other members shall be reported to the crew leader – a decision will then be made.

Members will be on a 3strike system on each meet. Continued violation of rules and disregard for other members will result in termination of Crew member ship.

Positions in the hierarchy will be assigned to those who prove responsible in the meets.


Via MIC, PSN, and Kik

UnderGround LinkUp


BASH - ZACH - See you there

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Meet will be happening again at 9pm tonight. GMT


Individuals attending are asked to keep an eye out for the first signs of trouble makers so they can be reported to me and kicked out immediately.


Looking for four leaders in tonight's meet - To help in coordination and planning of future meets, message me if interested





16+ Only

Able to comunicate (with out without mic)

Listen to simple instructions




All the best guys looking forward to seeing you all tonight.

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Meets will only be held on Friday 9pm until a strong community has been established, we are still in the early stages so having to filter the quality plaers from the immature idiots will take time. A big thank you to our new recruits and everyone else for joining - All input is taken on board.


Next Friday will be a business meet/role play - cognoscenti's, schafter's, ballers - No loud colors


Look forward to seeing you all then




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  • 1 month later...

Meet Tonight 9pm UK Time. Ballers, Cogscenettis, Shafters and Windsors meet. Add for invite0

Edited by Mistaahyde
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  • 2 weeks later...

Meet Tonight 9pm UK Time. Ballers, Cogscenettis, Shafters and Windsors meet. Add for invite

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