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Maps with all street names labeled


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I labeled every street with its appropriate street name within GTA V. Been working on this project for a while in my spare time and just finished! Although I checked it twice or thrice over, please, please point out any typos, mistakes, or imperfections if you spot any!

I also made sure to type out the whole name of the street (e.g. avenue, boulevard, street, parkway) because I know that not everyone who plays GTA is an english speaker and I thought that it would help non-english speakers in case they wanted to use the map to call out any street name to their friend in order to state their location, etc. and didn't know the abbreviation's pronunciation.

Anyway, they're all in 8192x8192 px, so if I inserted each map here as a picture it would take up the whole page. So below are just pictures of the map as a whole for each one and a close up of some of the details. Click on the links beside each map name if you want to download them or just open them up to the full image in your browser so you can zoom around and check 'em out.


  • EDIT:  Please use the links titled "new, updated link to view/download".  These new links are hosted on lensdump.  If you go to the page, right click on the map, and click "open image in a new tab", you should be able to download/ zoom in and view the maps in full quality.  The old links were hosted on Google drive, which are giving some people problems since the last Google drive update.  I'll keep the old links up for continuity, but Google drive might not let you see them, so lensdump is your best bet.

Atlas Map view/download here  |  EDIT: new, updated link to view/download



Road Map view/download here |  EDIT: new, updated link to view/download



Satellite Map view/download here |  EDIT: new, updated link to view/download





Edited by bowlingforsoups
Edit: Added new links to the maps (hosted on lensdump now) because people seemed to have problems accessing the shared files on Google Drive, perhaps because of Google Drive's latest update
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Thanks <3 - there's gta-5-map.com however not every street is listed.

Edited by irishfever1
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  • 11 months later...

Is this installable inside the game then or just a print? I never even realised they all had names! :blush:

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how do you install this??


great job mate

what do you mean by "install this"?

it is just a usual (picture) file to save and open/view on your pc.

it's not a program which could be installed or whatever.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Is this installable inside the game then or just a print? I never even realised they all had names! :blush:


where can i add it to gta v for the pause menu map to be change to this one


These are just prints, I don't have any mods to add it to the game. If anyone wants to use if for that though and has the talent to mod it in, be my guest!


The best place I can direct you would be to these two mods for PC I just found.






I haven't tried or tested them, or even viewed them to see if all the streets are correct (I can already see mistakes in the second link's map), and they're a bit different, but maybe it'll be alright for what you're looking for for now? IDK, if anyone has anything better, but yeah, sorry!

Edited by bowlingforsoups
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  • 3 months later...

I downloaded [ Grand Theft Auto V – The Manual ] found the map files and started stitching 1024 tiles together.


I thought there must be someone somewhere that has already done this, and here you where.


I was making a ingame map mod for Fivem [ FiveM is a modification for GTAV to play on dedicated servers with
custom, modified experiences.]


So i took up your offer


These are just prints, I don't have any mods to add it to the game. If anyone wants to use if for that though and has the talent to mod it in, be my guest!



Your maps saved me a massive amount of time,

So thank you for your time, work and for posting these maps.

Nuff Respect


My Fivem and OpenIV singleplayer mods of these maps are on my wordpress.




Credits to this post: in all download readme's and on Credits home page.

Edited by DieLikeKane
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Edited by TitanR1
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  • 3 months later...

Hey, I am the Director of the San Andreas Crisis Response System (SACRS) Roleplay Community for PS4. Is there any way to get this as a mode or any way to insert it into the game or make it so that I can insert it into the SauceCAD so that way my officers can better coordinate with Dispatch for more accurate callouts and incidents? If so I would LOVE to hear back and I am sure the RP communities on PS4 would love something like this to be added. Thank you.





Director, Head of the SACRS Board of Directors.

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  • 6 months later...

It would be nice if I could zoom in to see the street names. Map does load big enough to see them

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