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What 'The Time's Come' and 'Something Sensible' co


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'The Time's Come' is a pretty straight-foward mission, Chase Michael, Kill Michael. But it could so much more than just that. It could've been an entire stealth segment in the factory, since Michael has the best stealth capabilities, where you have to listen to noise blips on your radar, while trying to not make much sound yourself, and hunt down Michael before he manages to hunt you. Something like that boss fight from The Last of Us.


'Something Sensible' is another chase mission, where you dodge traffic and put down Trevor. But there a million more options than this! It could've been a big boss fight with his friends Ron, Chef and Oscar, with all of them having very high health and they wouldn't ragdoll when shot. And there would be an alternate cutscene where the surviving friends would run away when you killed Trevor. Then you take over the airstrip and steal the money in it.


It could have been these boss fights.

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The alternate endings felt really cheap to me, and it felt like they were really rushed out.


And honestly, why, if we can kill Trevor OR Michael, can't we kill both?


If these missions were meant to provide some closure or finality for those characters, leaving Franklin as the big boss man, why couldn't he kill them both and take everything they had made on the big score? Personally, my game would be infinitely improved by not having Michael or Trevor around.


This ending 'D' option would have been even better if it had unlocked at completion of 100% - when you have everything sewn up, all the properties are making profit and... Franklingaling comes in and takes the lot.

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Signatures are dumb anyway.

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yeah killing Micheal and Trevor was easy, would of been better if trevor escaped and then have a big show down with all the strength of Trevor Philips Industries vs Franklin, Micheal, Lamar and a few hired guns. the odds could of been higher like a game of hide and seek with the possibility Micheal killing Franklin to add more danger to it. off topic Johnny Klebits, Terry and Clay should of been more of a challenge for Trevor instead of just being killed with ease, they fought in bloody gang wars and broke into a prison full of armed guards, Rockstar should of made it hard to kill off a protagonist because they make it hard for us to kill the games antagonist's

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I think the point of the alternate endings is to show who the characters really are. Michael is a cool guy but is a rat (he helped to kill Trevor) while Trevor is completely insane but loyal (he refused to kill Mike). There's only one ending that is actually the end and they invested more in it.

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It's been a while since I played the end section of V and I've only ever seen the alternate endings via mission replay. Am I right in thinking that if Frank kills either protag, the antagonists actually aren't confronted and the story ends on the death of Mike or Trev?


If so, that's barely an ending at all.

Signatures are dumb anyway.

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Yeah, that's how it goes. You literally kill M or T and nothing else gets resolved. It's funny because there was a bug back in the PS360 version where the news story from Ending C about Haines being killed would still appear on the news even if you picked A or B, which just makes me think even more that Ending C was maybe the only one around at some point.


OP, I think a better comparison for the suggested Michael bossfight would be Manhunt's final boss Piggsy - which is by Rockstar, and pretty much the same as to what you suggested. That would have been good though.


I don't know about Trevor's though.


It's weird because we've seen Rockstar do boss fights before. Bully, Manhunt, Red Dead Redemption...

Yet here we are with their "most ambitious" game, and if you choose to kill one of the protagonists you get a sh*tty underdeveloped mission+ending. Meanwhile Ending C follows the trend of the typical over-the-top GTA Finale, just like every other GTA game. I don't know, maybe that was the point.

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Agree with OP; they could have made these gibberish endings better by adding a better boss fight. If the ending(s) added more cutscenes, better gunfights which utilizes many gameplay features and featured totally immersive and impressive action which turns out to be better than C, I would definitely not mind killing Trevor or Michael.

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