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Would the large maps even be possible on current Gen?


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Would the photoshop mock-up expansion maps be possible on current gen consoles? I'm not really savvy on the tech so I wanted to know if this sort of thing could even work and if it could how?




I mean look at the size of this. It's huge. Could consoles handle it? Would there be any feasible way to implement it in the online world? How many players would be allowed in it? Would there only be a certain a mountof players allowed in each zone?


It takes about ten minutes to crive around the edge of SA in a supercar right now. driving around this beast could take an hour.



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Doesn't matter because there's not going to be one. Would it be possible? Probably, maybe not to the extent of that map though.

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The Crew is an open world driving game that includes a scale of the entire US

It is about 1900 square miles


Here is a scale of the crew map to gta v


It takes about an hour to drive from maine to LA 75 miles or so

Edited by xInfamousRYANx
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just cause 3



or not

I'm not a game dev but they seem comparable

Does just cause 3 have a thirty or sixty player multiplayer?


And for the people who post /thread, shut the hell up you egotistical wannabe mods.

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Member's Only

Does just cause 3 have a thirty or sixty player multiplayer?

1000 player MP actually.



Edited by GradeA-Hole
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